In a world that moves faster than ever before, entrepreneurship education has taken centre stage, producing innovative minds that fuel growth and development. We at the Global Entrepreneurship Education Summit – a platform dedicated to strengthening and expanding the role of entrepreneurship education across the globe – are happy to host a variety of thought leaders from this area. Among these eminent figures is Jorim Holtey-Weber, a prominent figure in entrepreneurship education, whose insights provide a lens into the future of this important field.

Innovation is crucial for developing as a species. It is incredibly rewarding to teach and support innovators.

Jorim, a devoted advocate for teaching and supporting budding entrepreneurs, is no stranger to the world of innovation. He believes that his work is instrumental in fostering growth and evolution. When asked about his choice to work in the field, he said, “Innovation is crucial for developing as a species. It is incredibly rewarding to teach and support innovators.”

Speaking about the key skills required for entrepreneurship, Jorim pinpointed a few crucial areas. Overcoming analysis paralysis, rapidly implementing and testing ideas, being aware of one’s assumptions and their potential inaccuracies, and deeply listening to feedback were identified as some of the most important skills for an entrepreneur.

It’s clear from Jorim’s perspective that the ability to act swiftly and adapt to new information, as well as the capacity to absorb and utilise feedback, are more than just assets – they’re necessities in today’s fast-paced entrepreneurial world.

Jorim Holtey-Weber
Jorim Holtey-Weber

The future of entrepreneurship education, according to Jorim, is one that is heavily influenced by technology. In 10 years, he envisions a landscape where education is “mostly automated by AI,” more adapted to individuals, their ideas, and their respective niches.

“AI will make entrepreneurs much faster,” Jorim stated, with an emphasis on data collection, analysis, content creation, and guidance in business interactions. His projection paints a picture of an industry ripe for transformation, where machine learning and artificial intelligence aren’t just support tools but are at the core of the learning process itself.

Jorim’s insight into the world of entrepreneurship education serves as a reminder of the rapidly changing landscape of learning and innovation. As we move forward, these insights could help shape the future of entrepreneurial education and, by extension, the generation of innovators we’re nurturing to tackle the world’s challenges.

As the Global Entrepreneurship Education Summit continues to inspire and share insights, it’s clear that the combination of entrepreneurship and education is not only exciting but essential for our progress as a society. And leaders like Jorim Holtey-Weber will undoubtedly continue to guide this exciting journey. The future of entrepreneurship education seems to be headed towards an era of rapid, personalised learning, and we couldn’t be more excited to see where it leads.

Watch Jorim’s captivating video and uncover seven compelling reasons why building a startup is considered the best way to learn:


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