Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city, has quickly emerged as a center of European startup activity and entrepreneurship. World-renowned universities, vibrant culture, and supportive government policies all play their parts in creating this vibrant ecosystem for startup activities and entrepreneurship.

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Universities as Crucial Players in Porto’s Startup Scene

Universities such as the University of Porto and other local universities have been critical in developing Porto’s startup ecosystem. These institutions have set up research centers and technology transfer offices that support startups while encouraging entrepreneurship among students and faculty alike. As a matter of fact, University of Porto is a hosting institution for EIA Porto 2023 edition!

Successful Startups from Porto’s Startup Scene

Porto’s startup ecosystem has seen numerous successful startups emerge, such as Farfetch and DefinedCrowd. Farfetch was established in Porto in 2008 and has since amassed an estimated market capitalization of $15 billion; DefinedCrowd, a data science and artificial intelligence company with offices in Seattle, Tokyo, and Lisbon raised $62 million in funding over time.

Local Initiatives Supporting Entrepreneurship

The Municipality of Porto has implemented various policies and initiatives to boost startup growth within its boundaries. These programs aim to attract foreign investment, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and establish an encouraging startup environment. Some notable government initiatives in Porto include:

  1. Porto Innovation Hub was launched in 2016 as an official government initiative to promote innovation and entrepreneurship within its borders. Through this program, entrepreneurs access resources, funding, and mentorship that help launch and grow their businesses.
  2. InvestPorto is another government initiative to attract foreign investments and foster new startup development in Porto. The program offers various services, including legal and financial support, office space rental opportunities, networking events, etc.

National Initiatives Attracting Foreign Entrepreneurs

On the national level, Portugal has rolled out several programs for foreign entrepreneurs and startup companies to facilitate their relocation to Portugal.

  1. Portugal launched a Startup Visa Program to attract international entrepreneurs to their country in 2018. Non-EU nationals may apply for visas enabling them to launch and run their startup in Portugal while providing access to its ecosystem and resources.
  2. Portuguese tax incentives to attract foreign investment and foster startup growth include:
    • Reduced corporate income tax rates
    • Research and development tax credits
    • Exemption from stamp duty on capital increases

Accelerators, Incubators, and Co-Working Spaces in Porto

Porto’s accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces offer startups access to valuable resources and support that enable them to thrive and succeed. Notable accelerators include:

  1. UPTEC in Porto is a science and technology park offering incubation and acceleration services to startups from different fields such as IT, life sciences, engineering, etc. They provide mentoring services, coaching, networking events, and access to shared resources such as labs and meeting rooms, contributing significantly to the expansion of Porto’s startup ecosystem since 2007. UPTEC has played an essential part in supporting over 300 startups since 2007.
  2. Porto Design Factory is an innovation hub that provides incubation and acceleration services to startups in creative industries like design, architecture, and media. Since its opening in 2014, they have incubated over 50 startups! They provide mentorship and coaching, networking opportunities, and access to shared resources like workshops and studios.
  3. ScaleUp Porto is an initiative by the Porto City Council designed to facilitate startup growth in Porto and beyond. Since 2015, ScaleUp Porto has assisted more than 200 startups with mentorship, coaching, funding opportunities, networking events, talent acquisition, and business support services.
  4. Founders Founders is a co-working space in Porto that provides entrepreneurs with access to the resources and support they need to start or expand their businesses. Services offered include:
    • Mentorship and coaching sessions
    • Networking events
    • Access to talent opportunities and business support services such as legal and financial advice
    • Furthermore, they host events and workshops to enhance entrepreneurs’ skill development and build connections within their ecosystem.

Porto has emerged as an epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurship due to its talented workforce, strong research institutions, and supportive government policies. Its startup ecosystem is evidence of collaboration between universities, government agencies, and private firms – providing a model for other cities hoping to foster innovation and economic development.