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The EIA Unicorn Fund


At the heart of the European Innovation Academy (EIA) lies a commitment to revolutionize technology and entrepreneurship education. The EIA Unicorn Fund embodies our dedication to empowering bright, ambitious minds from every corner of the globe.

The EIA Unicorn Fund is brought to life by our community - including alumni and mentors. This initiative is a testament to the collective power of shared vision and collaboration.

With your support, we can unlock vast potential and foster innovations that will shape the future. Every contribution, no matter its size, plays a critical role in this transformative journey.

Why Give?

Transform Lives: Your contribution enables us to offer life-changing educational experiences to students from diverse backgrounds, including those who might not otherwise have this opportunity.

Drive Innovation: Donations help us sustain and grow our programs, ensuring that the next generation of entrepreneurs receives world-class mentorship and access to unparalleled resources.

Global Impact: By supporting EIA, you're investing in the future leaders who will tackle global challenges with innovative solutions, fostering economic growth, and creating jobs worldwide.

Your Impact

Scholarships: Contributions directly fund scholarships, making our programs accessible to talented students regardless of their financial situation.

Program Development: Your support allows us to continuously improve and expand our offerings, staying at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship education.

Community Building: Donations help us strengthen our global network, connecting students, alumni, and industry leaders in mutually beneficial relationships.

By Spring 2024, we have gathered 17k community members, and we aim to double it by 2025. Your voice and contribution are worth a mill to us!

How to Give?

Make a Donation: Every gift, big or small, makes a difference. Donate online today and join us in shaping the future of entrepreneurship.

Legacy Giving: Consider including EIA in your estate planning to make a lasting impact on future generations of innovators.

Corporate Partnerships: Partner with us to drive innovation within your organization while supporting our mission to educate the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Thank You! Your generosity fuels our mission to educate 100 million entrepreneurs by 2033. Together, we can inspire and equip the next generation of leaders to launch startups that transform the world.

For more information on how your contribution can make a difference, please contact us at info@inacademy.eu.


Gathered donations

Witness the momentum of change as each donation brings us nearer to empowering more entrepreneurs and innovating for the future.