3 - weeks study abroad program about entrepreneurship and innovation. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset, build your business skillset and stand out in a competitive World.


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Our accelerated mode of learning has proven to turn ideas into startups in just fifteen days



Ideation Webinar
Showcase Your Startup Idea to Become the New Unicorn
Say “Hi” To Your Co-participants by Using Online Tools
Check Other Ideas and search for the team members
Multicultural Team Management
Customer Validation
Customer Persona Design
AI Economics: Future Products & Services
Five Ways to Create a $100m, Industry-Disrupting, Business



Customer Persona Design
B2B & B2C Innovation Systems
Quantified Self: Hacking Your Life



Market Validation
Growth Hacking Strategies
Using Big Data
Go-To-Market Plan
Campaign set up
UX/ UI Design
1,000 Customers in 100 Hours



Business Models for Global Scalability
Finance & Funding Strategies
Pitch Like a Boss!
Roadmap for Future
Chat with Early Stage Investors

New Startups
Speakers and mentors


Innovation Academy programs are accredited in many universities and academically recognized as a subject of the Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. Full list of universities where our faculty and students are from:

Not your average study abroad program

EIA has never been an average study program. EIA is an intense learning opportunity with hundreds of students from the world's top universities coming together in an international working environment.
You will emerge into an intense and fun international working environment while creating your startup. Expect to challenge yourself every day while communicating with members from across the globe. Meantime, learn from practical, insider knowledge from world-class mentors and speakers. Obviously, be ready to pitch your startup idea to EIA's global investor community.

Work hard, play hard, right?



Ken Singer

UC Berkeley
A fantastic program for people who are exploring the possibility of starting their own company. The program mimics the exact process that an actual entrepreneur would go through. You learn really quickly what you are really good at and what are the things you need to work on. You cant read it in a book. Experiential learning in EIA allows you to make these decisions on your own so you start realizing it is not that easy.

Bemi Adeosun

Dublin Institute of Technology
Because of EIA, I received several job offers from companies in Silicon Valley and Germany. So I’ve definitely come back home a lot more determined and driven as well as focus and clear minded on what I want to achieve in my career — but most of all I can say I met a lot of amazing people who I’m sure I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life.

Martin Omander

In EIA the development of technology is a social thing. Magic happens when you put a diverse group into a room together to work on a common idea. In EIA the students are doing the same as accelerators try to do in 3-6 months and I am amazed of how much comes out and how many projects are actually working after such a short time. Impressive!

Ravi Belani

Alchemist Accelerator
EIA is destinctive on a couple of dimensions: first - it is truly experiential. The best way to learn entrepreneurship is to get out of the classroom and jump into immersive experience. And secondly the cultural experience during these tree weeks is also incredible. You are working with cross-cultural teams from different backgrounds that brng a diverse set of experiences - it can be really important from the business perspective, but more importantly its just a lot of fun!

Jesse Leimgruber

EIA mixes a elements like building a product, getting mentorship and hands-on advice that I have never seen done before. Hackathons end with langindpages, accelerators meet once a week and they can lose focus, but EIA packs everything from idea all the wat to customer aquisition into a 3 week intensive program and there are mentors walking you and guiding you through to ensure that you get it done in a right way, with industry standard tactics and really get your product off the ground.

Rick Rasmussen

UC Berkeley
The program provides an entrepreneurship school in a setting that doesnt depend on the lectures and text books. We build companies here and learn by doing. Everybody rolls up their sleeves and builds companies from scratch.

Julia Beyer

Lund University
EIA helped me improve my social skills, approach people, build friendships, find out quickly how the other person can help you move forward with your business idea.

Tomás Alexandre de Menezes Pereira

Instituto Superior Técnico
The program was easily one of the best experiences I've had. Being around so many focused and driven people got me excited right from the start and the opportunity to get feedback and to learn from people with incredible success stories has made me rethink my work method completely. I've made friends for life in only 3 weeks and I now know that I definitely want to start my own business.

Luke Kim

UC Berkeley
To me EIA represents a community of entrepreneurs that span across the globe. Entrepreneurs, investors, university partners, corporate partners - the full spectrum of what it takes to really push forward the ecosystem of the global startup community.

Laura Linaker

McEwan University
MacEwan University has enjoyed a partnership with the European Innovation Academy (EIA) since 2016. The EIA is an educational platform that provides students with a once in a life time educational experience. Our students have said that the experience is more than the amazing speakers, access to the best mentors and the focused entrepreneurial methodology taught. It is also what they learn about themselves through the immersion into a new culture, the intercultural team development and learning about failure and resilience. The experience for our students has unleashed the entrepreneur within for many and for others it provided a new lens to create value in the work they do.

International & global experience

International experience is a must for any student who would like to become successful in professional life and gain International connections worldwide. EIA is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, gain new skills and develop your confidence.  EIA brings together 500 students from 80+ different countries.

Practical Entreprneurial Experience

Gain the knowledge and skills to learn everything about building your start-up. You will have a chance to work in a team of 5 international students and jointly tackle the problems.

You will work with different types of experienced mentors who will support and lead you on this journey.

You will leave the program with the core skills to go from an idea to a start-up. In the end, you can use this experience to decide whether a career as an entrepreneur is right for you. Nothing to lose, right?

Value to your CV

Whether you decide to pursue your entrepreneurial career or not, in a highly competitive job market, employers are increasingly looking for broad and experienced graduates. You can stand out from the field by having real-life entrepreneurial experience in an international environment. Add EIA experience to your CV to impress your future employer!


We offer multiple payment options, such as credit or debit card, bank transfer and installments.

As we are a non-profit organization, we do not offer any scholarships for participants.

Super Early Bird

/ per participant includes:
Intensive training (8-10h per day)
Entitled to 6 ECTS
Daily mentoring sessions by Silicon Valley and other global experts
Access to the pool of mentors, speakers, VCs
Until 31 October 2021


/ per participant includes:
Intensive training (8-10h per day)
Entitled to 6 ECTS
Daily mentoring sessions by Silicon Valley and other global experts
Access to the pool of mentors, speakers, VCs
Opening and closing events
Until 30 April 2022

Late registration

/ per participant includes:
Intensive training (8-10h per day)
Entitled to 6 ECTS
Daily mentoring sessions by Silicon Valley and other global experts
Access to the pool of mentors, speakers, VCs
Until 30 June 2022
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