Frequently Asked Questions


EIA is a unique and intensive entrepreneurship program abroad that provides you with the resources, connections, and mentors necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

This program fosters an environment that will provoke the way you think and provide you with a powerful network of like-minded thinkers. EIA offers an unparalleled experience that is attractive to Industry-leading employers all around the world.

Portugal, Porto July 14 – August 2, 2024

  Until 30 November 2023

1st of December 2023 –
until 31 March 2024

1 April 2023 –
until 30 June 2024





The price includes:

  • Intensive training (8-10h per day)
  • 6 ECTS issued by the University of Porto
  • Daily mentoring sessions by Silicon Valley and other global experts
  • Daily keynote sessions
  • Access to the pool of mentors, speakers, VCs
  • Access to all the program materials and tools

The price doesn’t include:

  • Travel expenses
  • Visa
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Leisure activities
  1. Apply – fill in the application form and provide your background information.
  2. Explain your motivation – after receiving your application, we will ask you to submit a short video, so we can get to know you a little better and verify your English skills.
  3. Get notified – you will receive a decision on your admission within 7 days of sending us your video. 
  4. Pay for your participation – if accepted to the program, you will receive the payment link to pay your participation fee. 
  • Anyone who is at least 18 years old
  • Students of any major 
  • Early stage entrepreneurs

Generally speaking, we want fearless leaders of all shapes and sizes. Risk-takers. Changemakers. Visionaries.

Absolutely! During the pre-week, you will receive ideation assignments to reflect on the problems that are worth solving. Then, in the first few days on-site, you will have the opportunity to present your idea to others and form a team around that idea. Alternatively, you can choose to join someone else’s idea that sounds interesting and motivating to you.

0. Getting Ready – online pre-week 

You will get to know your fellow-participants on our online platform before meeting them in real life, and get your creative flows going with some independent ideation exercises. 

1. Discovery & Validation – week 1
You begin by developing crucial collaborative skills to help achieve your team’s goals. Then, you will build a strong basis for your business – find a problem worth solving, define your market, and validate your assumptions by conducting interviews with potential customers.

2. Marketing & Prototyping – week 2

You will learn to integrate prototyping techniques in your problem-solving and design a strong business model. You will also go after your first customers by preparing a marketing campaign, creating a landing page that converts, and generating relative content for your launch.

3. Funding, Pitching & Product Sprint  – week 3

You will build the first working version of your product/service, learn to discover its patent potential and how to claim intellectual property. Meanwhile, you will set financial indicators and develop insights on different fundraising opportunities for your startup. 


Finally, you will pitch your idea to certified venture capitalists and angel investors.  Present like a boss and kickstart your business!

The program lasts for three weeks from Monday to Friday. The weekends are off to discover Porto and Portugal independently. The program starts at 10 AM and ends at 6 PM with few exceptions, like Startup Expo and Grand Pitch. 6PM until 8PM is planned for your independent teamwork.


The daily agenda looks like this: 

10 AM – 12 PM: Keynote sessions
12 PM – 1 PM: Lunch
1 PM – 2 PM: Independent Teamwork
2 PM – 6 PM: Team Mentoring Sessions & Clinics & Workshops
6 PM – 8 PM: Independent Teamwork


EIA reserves the right to make changes to the schedule.

We do offer accommodation for the duration of the program in a modern student dorm. The cost of an individual room is 1295€. The cost doesn’t include any meals. Otherwise, you can book your accommodation via, Airbnb and similar sites. Please make sure to start looking for accommodation shortly after confirming your participation at the event, as the prices will rise considerably the closer you get to the program dates. 

As EIA hosts participants from all over the world, they often require a visa to travel. Once the participant’s registration has been confirmed, EIA can send an official document acknowledging the approval that can be used for a visa application.