Terms and Conditions


1. About us

    1. The Innovation Academy SA (defined as “we”, “us”, and “our”, “Organiser” throughout) is a non-profit company incorporated under the laws of Estonia with company registration code 90012509, whose registered office is at Valukoja Tn 8, 11415 Harjumaa, Tallinn, Estonia.
    2. Innovation Academy SA and our affiliates are organisers of educational training events, study abroad programs, boot camps, and events, including “European Innovation Academy”, “Global Entrepreneurship Education Summit (GEES)”, and others (hereinafter referred to as Event).
    3. By submitting the Application/Registration Form participants declare to have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
    4. Participants should read this document carefully. The Terms & Conditions govern the online registration for, and participation at the Event. By registering for the Event, participants agree that they have read and accepted these Terms & Conditions and agree to be legally bound by them. 
    5. If participants are registering on behalf of another person, it is their obligation to make sure that the person attending is aware of the Terms & Conditions and accepts them. By completing and submitting the registration form, the person is confirming that they have made the person attending aware of the Terms & Conditions and that they have accepted them.
    6. The Terms & Conditions apply from the date of publishing until these Terms & Conditions are superseded by a new version. We reserve the right to update these Terms & Conditions at any time for legal or regulatory reasons or to reflect changes in our services or business practices.
    7. The Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Estonia. The Term & Conditions related to the destination country of the Event shall be governed by the laws of the destination country.
    8. Participants give Innovation Academy SA their approval to keep their information for accommodation and certification.
    9. For questions about registration or assistance with any registration problems, please contact us at If participants have any other questions, concerns, or complaints, they may contact us at

2. General Terms & Conditions

    1. Participants agree to comply with all applicable laws and rules related to their attendance or participation at the Event.

3. Possible changes or cancellation of the event

    1. We reserve the right to make substitutions, alterations, postponements, or cancellations to the content, format, themes, name, performers, hosts, moderators, venue, timing, or dates of an Event at any time. We will not be liable for any costs incurred by participants (including, without limitation, travel, accommodation, and other expenses).
      1. We will endeavour to notify participants as soon as reasonably practicable of any substitutions, postponements, or changes by posting the updated information on the Event website homepage.
      2. If the event is postponed, we will provide you with a substitute ticket to the event on the rescheduled date. If the participant is unable to attend in postponed dates, the standard refund and cancellation policy (point 5) applies.
      3. In the unlikely event of cancellation of the Event, our total aggregate liability to you is limited to the refund of paid fees that remain after credit card and payment processing fees have been incurred and deducted. We will not be liable to you for any expenditure, damage, or loss incurred by you as a result of the cancellation.

4. Payment Terms & Conditions

      1. The ticket fee must be paid in full to the details stated on the invoice.
      2. All bank transfer fees are the payee's responsibility.
      3. Payment for tuition/ticket and accommodation must be made directly to Innovation Academy SA.
      4. Payment for tuition/ticket, and accommodation can be made in installments or altogether.
      5. All installments must be paid by the installment date agreed or June 30th at the latest.

5. Refund and Cancellation Policy

      1. If the participant is unable to attend the European Innovation Academy for any reason, the participant can be replaced by another eligible person from the same institute/organization. In case the participant who has applied to the program individually is unable to attend, standard refund and cancellation polity (point 5) applies.
      2. When the participant is unable to attend the European Innovation Academy and is unable to transfer their place to another person, the following refund arrangements apply:
        1. The super early bird ticket is not refundable.
        2. The participant will be eligible for a 50% refund of the program fee if the cancellation is made at least 3 months (90 days) before the Event, and in the case the payment has been made in full. 
        3. The participant is ineligible for any refund of the program fees if the cancellation is less than 3 months (90 days) before the program.
        4. By agreement of the parties, unused tickets can be postponed until the following year. Postponement may occur for valid reasons such as medical illness, family emergency, or other unforeseen circumstances.
      3. Whilst every effort is made to avoid changes to the program arrangements, the organizer reserves the right to make amendments or postpone the event if unforeseen circumstances appear.
      4. In the case of Force Majeure, no costs will be refunded.
      5. Organizer will not reimburse the cost of any booked travel arrangements and recommends travel insurance to diburse unforeseen costs.
      6. A refund will not be provided in case of:
        1. Work-related commitments: please ensure that you can take time off work prior to applying for the program.
        2. Visa issues: please ensure that you apply for the visa well in advance as visa appointments and completion of the procedure may take an indefinite period. Refunds will not be provided for rejection of visa. 
        3. Flight cancellation: please turn to your airline and travel insurance in case there is a need, as it is their responsibility to reimburse you any costs related to flight cancellation.
        4. Illness: please ensure you have adequate medical insurance when travelling as EIA can not refund travel and other costs related to cancellations due to illness.
        5. Behavior: please note that participants removed from the program for disciplinary reasons forfeit their tuition. Any further costs extending from removal are the responsibility of the participant.

6. Visas

      1. It is the participant’s sole responsibility to take care of visa requirements, a valid passport, and other necessary documentation for entrance into the country the Event is taking place. If you require an entry visa to attend or volunteer at the Event, you must allow sufficient time for the visa application procedure.
      2. Organizer will not provide the participant with any assistance in obtaining a visa. 
      3. If you are not granted a visa, fail to obtain valid travel documents, or are not permitted to travel, We are under no obligation to refund your ticket unless you are eligible under applicable law. In such a case, the standard cancellation policy applies (point 5 above).

7. English language proficiency

      1. The working language for any EIA Program is English.
      2. Participants accept that it is not the responsibility of EIA to ensure that instruction in some other language is provided or that the level of English is altered for the understanding of an individual.
      3. Insufficient knowledge of the English language is not a cause for a refund.
      4. Participants of the EIA Student programs understand that the Event is conducted in English, and they self-evaluate their own Business English as adequate for the program. The Student Program participants’ level of English must be at least B2. We will not be held liable for issues arising from an unreliable self-evaluation.

8. Insurance

      1. Innovation Academy SA advises all participants to purchase both medical and travel insurance as extenuating circumstances related to medical or travel issues are not the liability of Innovation Academy SA.

9. Accommodation for the student participants at the EIA program

      1. Innovation Academy SA mediates the accommodation via third party, LIV Student Porto.
      2. The participant is fully responsible for any damage done to the property and the administration of compensation for the damage.  Failure to deal with damages can result in a civil suit.
      3. Refunds for accommodation will not be provided for any reason.
      4. Innovation Academy SA is not liable if a participant is removed from the accommodation for any reason..

10. Rules To Be Followed

      1. Physical or verbal abuse, harassment, aggression, or unethical behavior toward other participants, mentors, visitors, or EIA Team is not tolerated at the European Innovation Academy event. This will be followed by immediate expulsion from the event. The EIA Team reserves the right to act according to their discretion.
      2. The participation fee or any other cost will not be returned to an individual who is expelled from the program

11. Privacy Policy

      1. During the event, an official photographer will be taking photographs/videos for use by European Innovation Academy and Global Entrepreneurship Education Summit (GEES) for publicity on our website and in social media. Please contact a staff member if you wish to be exempted from this activity.
      2. Full Privacy Policy document is available here. Read for information about how your data is being used.

11. Contact us

    1. In order to resolve a complaint or to receive further information, please contact us at:

Innovation Academy SA

Valukoja Tn 8

11415 Harjumaa

Tallinn, Estonia

Effective from: January 2023

Please let your contact person know