Terms and Conditions for Accommodation


By purchasing accommodation from EIA, you agree to these Terms and Conditions for Accommodation.

Booking and Payment

EIA facilitates accommodation booking. The accommodation fees, which cover the agreed-upon period, utilities, and amenities, must be paid directly to EIA.

Refunds for accommodation will not be provided for any reason.

Accommodation Rules

The participants are obliged to follow the accommodation provider's rules and regulations.

If a participant is removed from the accommodation for the violation of the rules, no refund will be provided.

Damage Responsibility and Reporting

The participant is responsible for any damages caused to the accommodation during the stay.

Upon arrival, EIA advises the participants to take clear photographs of their accommodation, documenting the condition of the room and common areas. This is to establish a record of the accommodation's initial state. These photographs will serve as evidence in case of any disputes regarding pre-existing damages.

Report damages immediately to both the accommodation management and EIA. Timely reporting is essential to manage these incidents effectively.

Assessment of Damages

Accommodation management will assess any damages and provide a detailed report, including proof of damage caused by an EIA participant, no later than 2 weeks after the check-out.

EIA will review this assessment to ensure its accuracy and fairness and may ask for additional proof or photos from both parties. 

Cost Liability and Invoicing

Participants will be invoiced the costs of repair, replacement, or any damage, and a copy will be sent to the participant's university representative or emergency contact. Prompt payment is expected as per the invoice terms.

Claim for Damages

EIA will send an invoice to participants for the assessed damages along with a reasonable timeframe for payment. 

Participants agree to promptly pay the invoiced amount to EIA to cover the cost of damages.

Failure to pay the invoice within the specified period will result in late fees, with further legal action possible for continued non-payment.

EIA reserves the right to take appropriate action to recover the unpaid amount, which may include not providing the participants with credits and certificates, legal proceedings, and the reporting of non-payment to credit bureaus.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute regarding damages or costs, participants, EIA, and the accommodation management agree to engage in good faith negotiations to reach a resolution.

Departure conditions

Participants are required to leave the assigned room and common areas in good condition upon departure. 

Before vacating the premises, participants are advised to take clear photographs as proof that the room and common areas were left in good condition. 

EIA and the accommodation management may ask these photographs to assess the condition of the premises after the participant's departure.

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Effective from: September 2023