Welcome to the Global Entrepreneurship Education Summit, coming to Porto on July 26-27(28), 2023! We are so excited to bring together the world’s leading entrepreneurs, educators, and innovators to discuss the future of entrepreneurship education. 

Susan Davis, Georgia Tech

To kick off the proceedings of the event, we want to introduce some of our amazing speakers and share their insights with you. First, we had the pleasure of interviewing Susan Davis, Practitioner in Residence at Georgia Tech‘s Institute of Leadership and Social Impact. In her interview, Susan shared her experience and valuable advice on entrepreneurship, education, and gave some good resources to read more about the topic.

When we asked Susan why she decided to start working in the field of entrepreneurship education, she explained that she wanted to share tips from her own experiences in social entrepreneurship so that new generations wouldn’t have to make the same mistakes again.

Don’t be a hammer looking for a nail. Have a deep understanding of – and ideally proximity to – the problem you are trying to solve.

Susan shared that the most important skills students need to learn when it comes to entrepreneurship are to not be a hammer looking for a nail, but to have a deep understanding of the problem they are trying to solve and to get really good at listening and observing. 

When we asked Susan what fascinates her in transforming ideas into businesses/startups and how she sees entrepreneurship education 10 years from now, she said she would like to see all entrepreneurs and educators incorporate social and environmental principles into their business plans and ways of working. 

Finally, Susan shared some creative resources to read/listen/watch more about innovation and entrepreneurship for GEES participants:

From Georgia Tech: 

From other resources:

Stay tuned for more interviews with our other speakers, and get ready for the Global Entrepreneurship Education Summit on July 26-27(28)!

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