Rodrigo de Alvarenga is a  startup grinder, angel investor, mentor, board member, entrepreneur, professor and passionate about leadership, startups and social & tech-based entrepreneurship. He has founded and invested on several startups, mentored, assessed, supported startups, entrepreneurs & founder in several programs around the world (USA, EU, Asia, Middle East & LATAM),  including the European Innovation.


Tell us a little about yourself

I am very shy so the worst person ever to talk about myself. Having said that, I am extremely curious, very practical, resilient, anxious, impact-driven, passionate about people, love my family and could summarize my beliefs repeating what I learnt from my father throughout my own journey: the right is right, the wrong is wrong and both things don’t change places according to our own conveniences!

Why do startups need mentors at all?

The journey of building an innovative, perhaps even disruptive, startup is quite challenging. Thus, accessing seasoned mentors as a resource to foster your learning & execution curves is the most intelligent way of increasing your chances of getting there!

What is the question you should never ask from a Chief Mentor?

I would say you shouldn’t ask how can you help me? It is always an entrepreneur’s responsibility to identify all the resources needed, including human capital, making sure to understand & identify how to connect with them. This is particularly true when talking about mentors, research them, go over their LinkedIn, be sure you know what to look for when talking to a mentor so you can make the most out of the experience!

Who has been the Chief Mentor in your career?

I have had a few during my career in banking & at the financial markets. However, when transitioning to work with startups, innovation and as a venture builder, the most important companion has been my wife & partner in all businesses we’ve built together.

Describe your secret side project that people usually don’t know about?

I am also passionate about venture building people, that is my impact-driven secret project, change as many lives as I can by fostering their mindset change and personal & professional development. As a result, I’ve been participating over the last +5 years in several pro-bono initiatives throughout which I can do it.

Rodrigo will also be giving access to HAG Consulting Accelerator Program as a special Award. 

Wise words by AIA program team:

Chief mentors step into the program from the beginning on Day 1. They guide your team through the initial stages of team formation and determining who is who in your group as well as figuring out the problem that you are solving and who is your potential customer. They know the importance of a great prototype and the real value of getting validation from your customers. As the chief mentors spend the longest time with your team from all the mentors, use their knowledge wisely as working with them gives you the base for succeeding in the program.


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