Hayfa Al-Abdulla is the Chief Mentor at the Arab Innovation Academy. In this interview, the tech-entrepreneur shares his background, experience and explain more about the innovation ecosystem in Qatar.

Hayfa Al-Abdulla, Tell us a little about yourself!

By responsibility and passion, my role involves supporting tech-entrepreneurship in Qatar through various innovation and incubation programs. I have a bachelor degree in Computing and an MBA from Qatar University. I always continue to learn through reading. I’m a business writer, fashion enthusiast and co-founder of “Aadima”, a new casual womenswear line. I’m often accused of being extremely positive

What is the importance of mentors for startups?

Whether you take a career path or decide to become an entrepreneur, having a mentor is essential to equip you with the know-how on your new journey.

What is the question you should never ask from a Chief Mentor?

Never ask technical questions to Chief Mentors. They are good to answer what to develop but not how to develop it.

Who has been the Chief Mentor in your career?

I was lucky to have had good bosses throughout my career and at least two of them were my mentors. – They still are.

Describe your secret side project that people usually don’t know about?

I’m writing a book on career development. It’s a series of short connected stories on how to deal with the workplace as a new employee.

🌟 Wise words by AIA program team:

Chief mentors step into the program from the beginning on Day 1. They guide your team through the initial stages of team formation and determining who is who in your group as well as figuring out the problem that you are solving and who is your potential customer. They know the importance of a great prototype and the real value of getting validation from your customers. As the chief mentors spend the longest time with your team from all the mentors, use their knowledge wisely as working with them gives you the base for succeeding in the program.


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