2017 marks a remarkable year for European Innovation Academy. We now have 5000 alumni from 75 countries in nearly every industry. It is officially the time of the year again when summer is behind us and we are starting a new season.

For entrepreneurs of European Innovation Academy, it is a chance to leverage their newfound network and experience wherever in the world they call home. Some will walk the path of startup life, building and scaling businesses of their own. Others will create ecosystems and communities to bolster innovation wherever they reside.

We proudly present the top teams from the 15day Extreme Accelerator program 2017 in Italy and Portugal in alphabetical order:



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ARCatalogs provides 3-D augmented reality menus and catalogs for restaurants and products in order to improve customer experience.

Team members:
Arsalan Qureshi — University of California, Berkeley
Fan Huafeng — Tsinghua University
Francesco Maggiolino, Tommaso Pifferi — Politecnico di Torino
Ruttanun Vilailuck — Illinois Wesleyan University

Chief Mentor: Anastasia Ashman
Marketing Mentor: Francesco Fiume
IT Mentor: Bartek Jazwinski

Active Tire Pressure Control: automatic management of tire inflation on vehicles to improve fuel economy and road safety on passenger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles. 4 patents pending.

Team members:
Anastasiia Kazminskaia — Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
Andrea Totaro — Royal Holloway, University of London
Gaetano Valerio D’Aiera, Roberto Vitolo — Politecnico di Torino
Raffaele Notaro — Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Chief Mentor: David Feldsott
Marketing Mentor: Joana Carvalho Afonso
IT Mentor: Matteo Antony Mistretta

EZfit gives you an augmented reality view of how fashion items would look on you during online shopping. This technology aims to reduce return and shipping fees in e-commerce.

Team members:
David Glaser, Williams Brandt — University of Michigan
Luca Cras — Delft University of Technology
Samuel Fogel — Indiana University
Wanfei Kwan — University of California, Berkeley

Chief Mentor: Peter Mullen
Marketing Mentor: Francesco Quartuccio
IT Mentor: Wajid Khilji

Fish to fish
A research team from University of Torino discovered a better way to detect heavy metals in fish. They are now scaling this technology through a smartphone application and data management.

Team members:
Davide Simonetto — SAFM
Hilton Bennett — Virginia Commonwealth University
Isabella Timossi — Università di Torino
Line Steiro — University of Bergen
Yemeen Ayub — Christoper Newport University

Chief Mentor: Stephen Torres
Marketing Mentor: Jesse Leimgruber
IT Mentor: Gabriele Mittica

Cardio Guard
A real-time ECG monitoring wristband for hospitals that decreases cost of care, length of patient stays, readmission rates, and the likelihood of a second heart issue.

Team members:
Alyssa Blunt — University of Michigan
Ben Tobias, Lindy Bowser — Grove City College
Christopher Castro — Texas A&M San Antonio
Vincenzo Randazzo — Politecnico di Torino

Chief Mentor: Phyllis Whiteley
Marketing Mentor: Rene Rumberg
IT Mentor: Fabio Daniele

Kumpa takes the pain out of running by making it addicting, interactive, and fun.

Team members:
Belén Barbé Abarca — University of Valencia
Colton Barton — The University of Texas at San Antonio
Eti Pricope — University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW
Guillaume Pillon — HEC Montréal
Maxime Robinet

Chief Mentor: Anastasia Ashman
Marketing Mentor: Francesco Fiume
IT Mentor: Bartek Jazwinski

nMesh is a self-generating network of internet access formed by cheap and flexible antennas, to quickly bring connectivity to all areas of the globe.

Team members:

Donna Bailey Farren — University of California, Berkeley
Zeid Ayoub — University of Calgary
Andrea Senacheribbe, Luca Rabezzana, Stefano Panaro — Politecnico di Torino

Chief Mentor: Andrea Basso
Marketing Mentor: Sven Nuum
IT Mentor: Aleksander Kuczek

P_Killer is building a multifunctional AI robot to clean bodies of water. We combine trash collection, pollutants degradation, electricity generation, water quality monitoring and navigation in one robot.

Team members:
Abdullah Masood — Victoria University
Alla Bondarenko — Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
Benoit Thomas — University of Technology of Compiègne
Li Nan, Zhang Yihui — Tsinghua University

Chief Mentor: Marco Cantamessa
Marketing Mentor: Kristjan Raude
IT Mentor: Vadzim Zapolski-Dounar

Connecting companies seeking virtual reality advertisements with developers who want to monetize their VR content. Placing gamified VR advertisements in front of potential customers.

Team members:
Ben Monaghan — Deakin University
Matthew Halpern — Virginia Commonwealth University
Michael Olmsted — University of Michigan
Simon Seibold — LMU, Munich / Imperial College Business School, London
Tiger Fu — University of California, Berkeley

Chief Mentor: Pirko Konsa
Marketing Mentor: Cthy White
IT Mentor: Walter Dal Mut

Roadside Rescue
Roadside Rescue is an all-in-one tool that offers vehicle owners a personal driver and mobile mechanics to minimize disruption to your plans in cases of mechanical breakdowns.

Team members:
Anas Ghanim — Qatar University
Angela Mallett — Texas A&M-San Antonio
Darius Chow — Singapore University of Technology and Design
Kangjin Wang — University of Michigan
Marissa Frey — MacEwan University
Elena Carceller — University of Valencia

Chief Mentor: Marco Cantamessa
Marketing Mentor: Kristjan Raude
IT Mentor: Vadzim Zapolski-Dounar

Totem is the ranking app. Rank everything from food to films with an easier and more harmonized system. The mission is to be the first search engine for options.

Team members:
Daniel Nicholls — Shepherd University
Haizannurah Bebe Zainuden — Singapore University of Social Sciences
Macarena Rojas — Universidad del Desarrollo
Maxime Chaury — Seoul National University
Neil Sekhon — University of Michigan

Chief Mentor: Anastasia Ashman
Marketing Mentor: Francesco Fiume
IT Mentor: Bartek Jazwinski

Work & Go
Work & Go connects companies and students for freelance work. We provide timely help in peak work hours while enabling students to earn money in their free time.

Team members:
Abdurrahman Gadi — EAE Business School
Andrés Evencio Izquierdo Riveras — University of Valencia
Jason Amarjit Oberai — University of California, Berkeley
Lawrence Zeming Zhang — University of California, Berkeley
Ting Feng Shen — The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chief Mentor: Hazem James Abolrous
Marketing Mentor: Diego D’Aquilio
IT Mentor: Chris Sargent

Alo!Health is a visual recognition tool that tracks your diet through pictures of food. The technology calculates calories and nutrients, giving personalized and gamified recommendations through an in-app avatar that represents your health level.

Team members:
Bemi Adeosun — Dublin Institute of Technology
Kertu-Liis Oruste — Coventry University
Michal Kovac — Comenius University
Pau Freixas Mateu — La Salle University
Peter Mikhail — Haagse Hogeschool Delft

Chief Mentor: Dirk Lehmann
Marketing Mentor: Ross Kingsland
IT Mentor: Tõnis Ostrat

Brizzlebee is the world’s first ultrasonic hands-free toothbrush which is nonabrasive to your gums. Eliminate the human error in a task we do daily.

Team members:
Bilal Attar — Lund University
Eliza Böhm, Heidi Marsalek — Karl-Franzens Universität
Franco Qian, Iida Salmivesi — Aalto University

Chief Mentor: Dirk Lehmann
Marketing Mentor: Ross Kingsland
IT Mentor: Tõnis Ostrat

ECO-5 leverages “Power Burp” which refers to the electrical energy generated by harvesting the burp of cows. This technology is developed by a research team from the Science and Technology College of Lisbon NOVA University.

Team members:
David Jorge da Silva Coutinho, Marta Vidal Pereira , Pedro Correia Lima Sobral, Raul Ramos Vences, Rui Simoes de Albuquerque Cabral— Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Chief Mentor: Dagmar Eisenbach
Marketing Mentor: Veiko Paalandi
IT Mentor: Janno Stern

Study abroad programs lack a mobile tool tailored to the travel experiences they offer. LEFT is a framework that enhances the study abroad experience through uncomplicated access to resources, local information, and risk management.

Team members:
Aron Van Es — Thomas More
Hannes Vanoverschelde — University Ghent
João Albuquerque — University of Coimbra
Pieter Peeters — KU Leuven
Shayanne Wright — Azusa Pacific University

Chief Mentor: Tommaso Di Bartolo
Marketing Mentor: P.J. Leimgruber
IT Mentor: Tiago Fernandez

On Fire Tube
On Fire Tube is the a sport social network that allows any athlete, professional or amateur, with or without sponsors, to monetize their online photos and videos from the first moment on the platform.

Team members:
João Neves
Laura Bradshaw — Loughborough University London
Luís Maximo Navega — NOVA School of Business and Economics
Luís Pedro Lopes Pimenta — ISAG
Sulaiman Mahmood — Carnegie Mellon University Qatar

Chief Mentor: Fred Krieger
Marketing Mentor: Andrea Frahm
IT Mentor: Daniel Vila Boa

Paperchain provides data validation services to solve the problem of unpaid royalties to music copyright owners.

Team members:
Daniel Dewar
Kaspar Püüding — Tallinn University of Technology
Lara Zelenova — Martella OÜ
Rahul Rumalla — Berklee College of Music
Tanya Niesvizky — AtraVerse

Chief Mentor: Fred Krieger
Marketing Mentor: Andrea Frahm
IT Mentor: Daniel Vila Boa

Renvest is an equity based e-commerce platform that connects investors with accessible real estate solutions.

Team members:
Francisca Marques Pereira — Instituto Universitário da Maia
Lukus Ratz — MacEwan University
Pedro Ricardo Martins Lopes da Fonte — Universidade Lusófona
Stefan Messinger — FH CAMPUS02 University of Applied Sciences

Chief Mentor: Mike Kyriacou
Marketing Mentor: Veiko Paalandi
IT Mentor: Pedro Ferreira

Ripple Farms
Ripple brings vertical farming to cities. Our produce grows in four weeks and we stagger the crop cycles for daily harvesting. Our software tracks from seed to plate.

Team members:
Breah Robinson — Wilfrid Laurier University
Eleonora Manukian, Pieter-Jan Hoedt— VIVES University College / Suringo
Steven Bourne

Chief Mentor: Jana Kukk
Marketing Mentor: Jesse Leimgruber
IT Mentor: Roman Vasjoho

ScoolX is a learning tool for preschoolers that brings virtual worlds alive through augmented reality.

Team members:
Daniël Swaab — TU Delft
Jenny Nam — Monash University
Johannes Behringer — Lund University
Johannes Smolle — FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences
Sarah Schaetti — InHolland University

Chief Mentor: Alina Adams
Marketing Mentor: Kristi Saaremets
IT Mentor: Claudio Gamboa

Tiger Time
Tiger Time calculates long-term goals against how people actually spend their time, incentivizing productivity by granting or withholding free time from users. This mobile application tailors to specific organizations including corporations.

Team members:
Adam O’Neill — Dublin Institute of Technology
Johnny Cartucho — Loughborough University
José Luís Pereira — University of Lisbon
Natalia Pineda Uribe — Venture Lab / Nova School of Business and Economics
Peter Cole — Loughborough University / The NUEL

Chief Mentor: Dagmar Eisenbach
Marketing Mentor: Veiko Paalandi
IT Mentor: Janno Stern

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