European Innovation Academy (EIA) and HAG Consulting & Ventures have agreed to establish a long-term collaboration. This partnership aims to bring a top tier entrepreneurship education based on experiential learning to the Brazilian region. helping the regional universities & students to take entrepreneurial education and launching tech ventures to the next level.

About the Partnership

Rodrigo de Alvarenga, CEO of HAG Consulting & Ventures, will be the official partner in the region to help students in the region participate in EIAs entrepreneurial programs in Europe. This joint effort will be marketed in Brazil as a partnership which will be using its educational brand name — HAG Academy.

“With this agreement, we are not only encouraging Brazilian students to participate in our European entrepreneurship programs but also finding ways to launch top tier entrepreneurship programs in the region in near future,” says Anni Sinijärv, the CEO of European Innovation Academy.

HAG Consulting & Ventures
Rodrigo de Alvarenga, CEO of HAG Consulting & Ventures at EIA Italy 2017

“This agreement is the foundation of a long-term partnership forged to support Brazilian students & entrepreneurs to develop a global mindset, encompassing all aspects of launching a global enterprise based on cutting edge entrepreneurial journey, learning the necessary skills to assemble & interact & manage diverse global teams in the process. We are aiming to disrupt the Brazilian entrepreneurial mindset of being local into going global, very exciting!”, says Rodrigo de Alvarenga, the CEO of HAG Consulting & Ventures.

About European Innovation Academy

EIA is an educational institution recognized for excellence in technology entrepreneurship. EIA methodologies are co-created with thought leaders from world-class universities and companies: University of California Berkeley, Stanford University, Google, Amadeus IT, Qatar Technology & Technology Park, Politecnico di Torino and many others. Business leaders of the future participants to immerse themselves in a multicultural ecosystem of 5000+ alumni in every industry sector.

About HAG Consulting & Ventures

HAG Consulting & Ventures is a venture builder founded in 2010. The company purpose is to promote creativity and innovation in businesses based on technology & social impact, within four verticals: Ventures, to build disruptive businesses; International, for global business expansion strategy; Digital, for communication, sales, marketing strategies and business development; and Academy, for developing a growth mindset. These verticals are focused on Startups & Entrepreneurs, Corporates & Social Business as well as Institutions.

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