Brightvision Capital (BVC) and the European Innovation Academy have signed an agreement to establish a long-term collaboration that will develop a new initiative, Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy.

The Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy is a 3-week learning experience for university students all over the world, presenting them with real-life experience in how to develop and launch new tech-based ventures.

The first edition of The Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy will take place on July 19th – August 9th, 2018 in Shenzhen, China. Students from top universities in China and across the world will take part in the program, which enables participants to leverage a network of globally-experienced mentors to advance their startup ideas.

Commenting on the agreement, Chairman and CEO of Brightvision Capital, Zhu Lin stated: “BVC, co-founder of China Urban Operation Alliance, is devoting to develop the regional entrepreneurship and technology competences, building a sustainable innovation ecosystem which will benefit Asia-Pacific region with the goal to educate local students and entrepreneurs in the field of innovation and create more international start-ups in the region.”

The President of European Innovation Academy, Alar Kolk: “Our experience in entrepreneurship education gives us confidence that by creating new global startups focusing on the future of living and innovative urban model, the future talents, participants of the Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy will make significant impact to the urbanization of China, the Asia-Pacific region as well as the economy in the world.”

The Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy will host international mentors, speakers, and investors, including those in Silicon Valley. As one-of-its-kind chatbot mentor will add the uniqueness to the program together with the learning tools and mobile applications provided by the European Innovation Academy.

The Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy program, which is intended to be a long-term collaboration organized by BVC and the European Innovation Academy, will open its doors to students in selected universities around the World to raise awareness around tech entrepreneurship and launch new business ventures.

Brightvision Capital

BVC has officially registered in China Securities Investment Fund Association (registration code: P1061330). BVC is an innovative, market-oriented private equity fund management company which is co-financed by CITIC Group and Bank of China Group. In serving China’s New-Type Urbanization strategy, BVC develops advanced business models on the urban operation, focusing on providing a full range professional financial service for Chinese Urban Operation including high-tech industrial park and equity investment.