Over the past 5 years, we’ve been lucky to work with driven, passionate and innovative young entrepreneurs from all over the world. We’ve seen how an idea has turned into reality and how one person’s dreams can design our future. The young innovators who participate in our three-week programs are top talents who all have different backgrounds and experiences. Together, in groups of 5, they work collectively to achieve the same goal, which is to be the team that comes up with the next million dollar idea.

The EIA Startup Gallery

After years of hard work, we can now proudly present the world’s largest database of startup ideas. The EIA Startup Gallery is a collection of global game-changing startup ideas created at the European Innovation Academy programs in Portugal, Italy, Qatar, China, and France.

We’ve collected the work of our young entrepreneurs who have inspired us all with their revolutionary and creative ideas. They aim to use machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other modern technologies and business models to design our future.

The focus of EIA programs is on educating people who want to gain real-life learning experience. However, many of them have continued with their startup ideas and created their own success stories afterwards. On top of that, some of our EIA Alumni have managed to raise over 2 million euros with their companies.

Blocks, a startup company who builds modular smartwatches, has raised over 1,6 million in a crowdfunding campaign. We should also mention DXTR labs, who is creating an innovative patent pending smart-toy to empower kids, and Ermes, who are providing solutions to consistently protect user data from leaking on the web. Respectively, they have both raised 500,000 euros and 300,000 euros. These startup companies are just examples of how ideas born at the EIA programs can become and stay active companies.


Stay committed to your vision

Creating a startup is more than just having a good idea. You need to have a good team and you need to execute your idea well. That’s what’s going to make your company profitable in the end. Entrepreneurship is not an individual sport, it’s about having a strong team who plans towards success. There will be times when things don’t go the way they’re supposed to. That’s why it’s crucial to have an ultimate goal so you can together work towards it. So, you need to surround yourself with people who share your vision, but be open-minded for new ideas too. Because, if you work towards something you’re all very passionate about, you will accomplish your goals. And that’s what we have seen in the past years and are looking forward to in the future.

Entrepreneurship development doesn’t come easy though. It’s a process all participants go through while attending the program. But with the right entrepreneurial mindset, and with the help of the mentors and speakers in the program, you’ll eventually find your way through the obstacles and challenges. Learn from your mistakes, see it as an opportunity to grow and stay committed to your vision.


Get inspired!

What you see in The EIA Startup Ideas Gallery is the result of effective teamwork. You can browse freely in the different categories and list of startup companies to see which were the top 10 teams of the year. So, we hope that you’ll get encouraged to create something of your own or find inspiration through their work. Have a look!

If you think you have the next million dollar idea, don’t hesitate and apply for our summer program today. Become the future entrepreneur and business leader who is going to make a positive impact on the world.


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