Long time no see! Let’s stay innovative during this crucial time together!

AIA2021 program will be held fully online this year to prevent any risks caused by the spread of COVID-19. The online program format is different from what we got used to during the Arab Innovation Academy. AIA will be not another boring Zoom conference but the most innovative program in AIA history! 

Let’s learn more about AIA Online event and get familiar with the online format itself.  


What is an online event? It is different webinars, conferences, master classes, live streams available on the informative platforms on the Internet, and Social Media that collects its specific audience for a concrete topic.  


For the quarantine time being, two main formats of online events have been pointed out,  each of which is very popular among its organizers: live streams on social media and large-scale conferences with several speakers.  

Live streaming on social media has become a favourite tool for business people and bloggers who stand themselves as experts in a specific field or react quickly to what is happening around them and discuss it with their audience. 


AIA has developed a fully integrated 12 weeks credited online study program that guides students in building a scalable business model, developing a first product feature list based on real customer feedback, and pitching for real investors. 

The innovative way of online teaching tools and student engagement makes the AIA  experience very special.  

Online learning brings more education to more people, more often. Universities and alumni laud its many benefits from around the globe. AIA embraces these opportunities as global situations continue to mean new educational pathways need to be engineered.  

With the AIA Entrepreneurial Program, amazing mentors, both from Qatar and around the world, will work closely with you and provide priceless feedback right from the comfort of your home. Joining the online program puts more flexibility into scheduling and allows us to bring even more content. 

Unlike traditional classroom settings, our online program brings you an easier avenue to group discussions in a more comfortable environment. Students can work safely with their teams through digital group sessions and successfully build startups during these 12  weeks online.  

All who attend will find themselves inundated in a diverse, welcoming, and immersive digital course that has been proven to take young entrepreneurs and provide them with the skills they need to succeed.

Start building your future NOW.