Dirk Lehmann
Coach | Dirk Lehmann & Partners
Pitch Coach and Chief Mentor

Please make an elevator-pitch about yourself
Most likely nobody cares about your pitch. Yet. I take startup pitches to the next level with a proven process and no-BS feedback.

Why do early-stage startups need pitch coaches at all?
Getting out of the noise of early stage ideas is hard, but possible with unbiased feedback from a coach and the right frameworks.

What is the question you should never ask from a pitch coach?
How do you like my pitch? Because it doesn’t matter what I think about your pitch, but what your target group will make of it.

Please share some helpful tips to remember while preparing for a pitch?

  • People come to see you and your story, not your slides. So first prepare your story and only add slides later once the story works.
  • Make me care about your problem, or I won’t care about your pitch. Take your time at the beginning to introduce me to it.
  • People won’t remember more than three points from your pitch. Get them across well and be fine to cut others short.

Please describe the best pitch you have ever seen
Great example on how to begin a pitch with a story to introduce the product: https://youtu.be/h56G31e0fD0?t=1m15s

Wise words by EIA program team: 🤓
Pitch coaches step into the game on day 12 in our program when the teams are getting ready to showcase their projects. They help you to perfect your slides and presentation skills to impress the investors in the end of the program. You can sign up for clinic sessions where the pitch coaches are working with your team personally. Having the perfect pitch is essential!

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