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IP Lawyer
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Please write an elevator pitch about yourself
Globetrotting tech lawyer with bullet-proof hair. I specialize in helping companies to “monetize” their IP — selling, buying, licensing, attracting funding, insuring against failure, blocking competitors, defending against lawsuits, etc.

Why do early-stage startups need IP Lawyers at all?
I’m your attack dog (with fabulous fashion sense). I make sure all your late-night inventions, eureka moments, and branding brainstorms are legally protected, so that you can focus on becoming the next Facebook and taking over the world.

What is the question you should never ask an IP Lawyer?
Never ask, “what would you like to drink?” Don’t even think about it. Don’t you dare. Because we’re hilariously fun at bars, and once you get us started, there will be no end to our evening of drinking and bar-hopping.

How many startups fail because they don’t know anything about IP?
Not sure how many fail, but I’m certain that 100% of startups that succeed have some form of IP (patents, copyrights, trademarks, brands, trade secrets, etc.) Indeed, can you think of any startup that has succeeded without IP of some sort?

How do I as a startupper know that I need an IP lawyers help?
Easy. Is there anything you’re creating that can add value to your company? Think of new inventions, improvements & variations over what’s already out there, processes & methods, software, brands, creative expression, logos, jingles, artwork, etc. if so, then let’s see how we can protect it, and use it to attract funding, enter new markets, and increase your revenue model.

Are IP lawyers really very rich?
Yes. Of course. Immeasurably. Unlimited wealth. Money pouring out of my ears. Hope this motivates you to go to law school. (If I recruit three more law students, I will receive a new coffee-maker!)

Wise words by EIA program team:
IP Lawyers step into the game on day 11 in EIA program when the teams are starting to think about the future of their ideas. Intellectual property and trademarking are key issues topics to consider to make sure your idea will be safe and yours in the future. IP lawyers meet with the teams on a clinic basis to discuss their idea and possibilities individually.

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