Hannah Xue is a Software mentor at EIA and a Software Engineer at Airbnb. Find out more about the expert in this interview.

Hannah, please write (or program) an elevator pitch about yourself.

Hi I’m Hannah. I have a broad interest in the intersection of art and technology and I have worked in both areas in NYC, Beijing, London and San Francisco, from small startups to big tech companies to contemporary art museums. Right now I work as a full-stack software engineer at Airbnb Experiences, making people’s travel magical all over the world.

Why do early-stage startups need software mentors at all?

Efficient software engineering is all about experience and it’s important for someone who has been through it all to help so that they can avoid falling into similar traps. Timing is the key for early-stage startups.

What is the question you should never ask a software mentor?

Never ask them to help you debug something you can find answers from the top of stackoverflow search 🤷🏻‍♀️

3-5 most helpful and accessible tools for developers that are out there?

I do product engineering for most of the time so here’re some useful tools I use at least weekly to build accessible websites for all audience:

Browserstack for cross-browser testing without having to install 7 browsers
Caniuse for browser support before using any fancy client-side technology
React – for general web development
Reduxchrome extensions are great if you use those frameworks

Is it true that all IT people have long hair, glasses and they are introverted?

Funny how the stereotype for women in tech used to be “short hair, glasses and introverted”. Guess what, I have long hair now…

Wise words by EIA program team: 🤓

Software mentors step into the game on day 11 of our programs to kick off the product sprint hackathon. Before the actual development, your team will be finalizing and validating your paper and digital prototype, but with the help of software mentors, the software developers in your team will start building the actual product while the rest of the team focuses on funding and pitching.

Delivering a great finished result will be the focus of the software mentors’ cooperation with you and your team. The schedule is tough! You only have 3 days to code before it’s time to show off your product to the investors. Software mentors are there to advise you about which tools and platforms to use and share their experience to help you succeed.

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