After three weeks of intense work, of being outside of your comfort zone, and meeting like-minded people from across the globe, EIA Italy 2019 came to an end and met it’s Top Startup Teams. From week one to the last minutes, each participant worked really hard to turn ideas into reality. Helped by mentors, inspired by speakers and with feedback from real customers, these startup ideas want to solve the world’s biggest issues.

In this post, you’ll find out more about the top team, members and what’s each startup is working on.


MaMome analyzes the mother’s microbiome and helps with the management of mother and infants health with nutrition, analytics and well-being

EIA Italy - Top Teams | BKLYN INNOSEQ

Team: Francesco Daghero – Politecnico di Torino, Huei-Syuan Gan – Feng Chia, Jack Peters – Lunds Universitet, Jacopo Teneggi – Politecnico di Torino, and Nini Fan – LIU Brooklyn.


  • HAG Accelerator Program

  • Nixon Peabody IP Spark Award


SOF (Save Our Friend)

SOF uses Bluetooth mesh technology to connect customers regardless of wi-fi or network in festivals and events. It’s an app for seamless connectivity and safer experience.

Team:  Danielle MurrayUniversity of Portsmouth, Elena Álvarez García – Universitat de ValenciaMykhailo Rybalchenko – Universitat de Valencia, Sasha Josri – Singapore University of Social Sciences, and Seth Croot – Deakin University


  • HAG Accelerator Program


SquareCare offers private elderly care houses (ECHs) the possibility to tap into this market and provide care to elderly people via a telemedicine platform and integrated medical machines. It enables your patients to stay at home with our medical system, monitoring their health status directly on our platform, from the elderly care house.

SquareCare Team in Italy 2019

Team: Alexander Abstreiter – Politecnico di Torino, Igor Monaldi – Politecnico di Torino, Ricardo Kammermayer Lázaro – Lunds Universitet,  

Teresa Bollain MuñozUniversitat de Valencia, and Yue Wang – University of Miami.


  • HAG Accelerator Program


After surgery and within rehabilitation programs patients need to perform physical therapy exercises to recover. At the therapist, patients are oriented by professionals but at home is a different story. Severe damage can occur due to wrong exercise performance. As the number of elderly people rises, it’s essential to understand mobility as a problem. Telephysio helps patients to practice correctly from everywhere using IOT technology and AI.

Telephysio - EIA Italy

Team: Loris Esposito – Università degli Studi di Torino, Nina UngerFH Oberösterreich, Pietro Barbiero – Politecnico di Torino, and Yi-ning Huang – Feng Chia University.


  • 3 hours of post mentoring from CG Consulting


AgroAdvisor is a company powered by European Innovation Academy in 2019 with a simple idea: Let hobby farmers back to hobby itself. Focused on developing an innovative IoT solution to hobby farmers, we started in Italy and links to digital resources all over the world.

Agroadvisor - EIA Italy
Team: Giorgio Rolle – Politecnico di Torino, Maximillian Kraft: FH Oberösterreich, Shubham Srivastava: Deakin University, Steven Veltmeyer – Deakin University, and Zhang-di Xie – Feng Chia University.


  • 3 hours of post mentoring from CG Consulting

House of Highness 

House of Highness is a scalable business model using supply chain automation to deliver luxury fashion brands to the Nigerian market through an online retail store.

Team: Andrew Marshall – Nottingham Trent University, Ermano Roncco – Politecnico di Torino, Haritha KorapatiNottingham Trent University, Henry Hecht-Felella – LIU Brooklyn, and Zubaida Ringim – Nottingham Trent University.


  • 3 hours of post mentoring from

InnoPhysio (Storytime)

Medical providers are still looking for reliable and secure platforms for communication and collaboration. InnoPhysio allows creating a communication platform for European doctors to share expertise and ask questions.

Team: Claudia Carmen Giraldos Domenech – Universitat de València, Johnnie Meredith – Shepherd University, Juliana Unis –  University of Michigan-Dearborn, Yi-ting Wu – Feng Chia University, and Dmitri Dudin.


  • 3 hours of post mentoring from Dirk Lehmann and Partners


Adskippy enables businesses to monetize their user’s processing power, in place of traditional advertisements intrusive and often unwanted impositions. Powering a blockchain mining algorithm, enabling a seamless user experience.

Team: Alberto Di Nuno – University Of Technology, Sydney, Federica Pia ZanrossoPolitecnico di Torino, Johannes KellnerUniversity of the Sunshine Coast, John Dufty – Deakin University, and Keshav Singh – Deakin University.


  • Expedited interview with Alchemist Accelerator


An hour of work onboard the ISS is estimated to cost between 50k and 100k dollars, and each day astronauts have to exercise for at least two hours in order to counteract the effects of microgravity on their bodies. AstroMate is developing a way to simulate the downward pressure of gravity in space to preserve the spine, to provide resistance to movements, by using an exoskeleton in partnership with Comau

Team: Davide AntonucciUniversità degli Studi di Torino, Adrian Sager La Ganga – Politecnico di Torino, Francesca Legittimo – Politecnico di Torino, 
Rachel Buggé – VIrginia Commonwealth University, and Gabriele Vittori – Politecnico di Torino. 


  • Team spotlight in the European Innovation Academy network for global reach
  • The Nixon Peabody Patent Innovation Award
  • HAG Accelerator Program
  • Free ticket to Comau 10-day Project and People Management Summer School in Detroit or Shanghai


A healthy branded International food products made accessible in the United States and marketed to communicate why and how they can be used.

Team: Kostiantyn Kravets – Universitat de ValènciaNabeel Barqawi – Virginia commonwealth university, Yi-chen Ho – Feng Chia UniversityMar Pomo Ramon – Universitat de València, and Ahmed El Haan.


  • Phase Launch Package



Home2Home provides a fast and cheap connection between international students and leaseholders.

Team: Francisca Gonzalez – Universidad Adolfo Ibañez,  Joaquin Garay – Universidad Alfonso Ibañez, Farmehr Mohammadpour Dehkordi – Politecnico di Torino, 

Francesca Roberi – Politecnico di Torino, and Shiva Mohammad Golzari – Politecnico di Torino.


3 hours of post-mentorship over a 1 year period by European Innovation Academy

Special Prizes


A platform that allows busy women to have more free time by offering job opportunities to other women with low-income or no income at all.

Award: Nixon Peabody Trademark Artisan Award

Team: Gina Maggi – Virginia Commonwealth University, Maria Fernanda GalettiSara Musto – Politecnico di Torino, and Nikoletta Csaben – University of Portsmouth.

Bin It!

Bin It! connects households and individuals with verified freelancers to sort out and throw your general waste and recyclables at your convenience.

Team: Chen-hsin Lee – Feng Chia University, Jia Lin Carlyn Tan – Singapore University of Social Sciences, Ling-mi Wu – Feng Chia University, Sabrina Natasya NorazrenSingapore University of Social Sciences, and Sean Lin – Feng Chia University.

Award: Nixon Peabody Trademark Artisan Award


Swivl is a new imaginative way to experience online dating. With the use of creative games, unique imaging, auto messages, and supreme safety features, you can rest assured that Swivl is a trustworthy website for finding love.

Team: Chloe WardUniversity of Portsmouth, Jesse Tilley – Deakin University, Madison WhiteShepherd University, Martin Karjus – Tallinn University of Technology, and Sierra Calhoun-Pollard – Virginia Commonwealth University.

Award: Nixon Peabody IP Spark Award


COMAU’s MATE is an exoskeleton that helps reduces muscular and cardiac fatigue and improves posture, reducing occupational diseases. WorkMate is an app that combined with the use of a suit and the exoskeleton that allows you to monitor the health of your workers while conducting supervisory checks.

WorkMate Team EIA 19 HK

Team: Enrica Tricomi – Politecnico di Torino, Fabiana Basile – Università degli Studi di Torino, Jacopo Marino – Politecnico di Torino, Pang Tun Yang – University of Social Sciences Singapore, and Wei-Cheng Cheng – Feng Chia University.

Award: 3h Post-Mentorship from Inglorious Coderz

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