Comau and EIA partnered up to offer a special experience during the Summer Program in Italy. If you are joining us in Turin, you’ll have the chance to innovate by working with robots brought by Comau. So, if you wanna take this challenge, we recommend you checking out this post to find out all the information you need.

Comau: a curious beginning

In 1966, a group of engineers based in Italy worked for Soviet officials that wanted to build a state-of-the-art automotive factory from the ground up. These professionals had a long list of obstacles – from finding the ideal layout of the factory floor to how to adapt the new car to extreme Russian weather.

Every day was a challenge but the group of engineers managed to solve problems one by one. It was such a successful job that Henry Ford himself would have deemed the work as “unprecedented”.

Four years later, back to Torino, in Italy, these engineers and the companies they represented decided to pool their talent and skills to create a new organization. This was the beginning of Comau.

The company in 2019

After 46 years from its foundation, Comau is a leading company in the industrial automation field, at a global level that can be translated by the following numbers:

  • 32 Operational centers in 14 different countries;
  • 9,000 employees;
  • 5 innovations centers.

Comau is truly global and genuinely local. In order to achieve that, their trusted support isn’t far from the base of operations. Add to that the decades of PMI® project management with cross-cultural and multinational teams back their international network. By that, Comau helps companies of all sizes – and across a wide range of industrial segments – leverage the full potential of digital manufacturing.

3 Innovative Projects from Comau you need to check out

The combination of innovative engineering solutions with easy-to-use, open automation and enabling technologies, is what turns ideas from Comau professionals into reality.  Let’s find out some mind-blowing projects launched recently by the global company.

1. MATE Exoskeleton

This wearable ergonomic support was designed to help workers on their everyday tasks. The MATE Exoskeleton is a revolutionary tool that eases the repetitive movements and relieves the effort.

Developed in collaboration with ÖSSUR, an Icelandic leading non-invasive orthopedic company, and IUVO, a spin-off company of the Italian BioRobotics Institute specialized in wearable technologies and commercialized by Comau, our Exoskeleton is fully able to replicate dynamic movements of the shoulder while enwrapping the body like a second skin.

This ensures greater comfort for the worker and increases work quality and efficiency by providing consistent movement assistance during manual and repetitive tasks.

Check out this video of people testing the MATE Exoskeleton at 2019’s Automate Show, in Detroit, USA. 



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2. e.DO™ robot arm

e.DO is a unique, modular and compact 6-axis articulated robot project. It’s based on a  100% open-source hardware and software platform that allows users to understand how robotics work from the inside-out and the outside-in.

It is simple enough for a teenager to understand, and powerful enough to satisfy a certified engineer. The Industry 4.0-enabled robot is part of an ecosystem that helps educators deploy robotics to address a variety of interests and target groups as part of a modern and highly-relevant didactical path.

The Industry 4.0-enabled robot is part of an ecosystem that helps educators deploy robotics to address a variety of interests. It also targets groups as part of a modern and highly-relevant didactical path.



The Advanced Use Robotic Arm (AURA) is a sensitive robot that supports humans with manual operations without the need for barriers or fences. With six safety levels and a modular approach, AURA supports humans as they perform manual operations incomplete safety and proximity without the need for barriers or fences.

AURA is flexible enough to be compliant with all types of collaborative operations and can be used in a collaborative or non-collaborative high-speed mode as needed. Easily programmed through an intuitive interface or manually guided by the operator, AURA is fitted with powerful proximity sensors that detect and respond to the advance of operators and avoid collisions.

Do you want to solve Comau’s challenges using Comau’s products and expertise and win cool prizes?

EIA partnered with Comau to provide a unique possibility to develop up to 6 startup projects using either e.DO™ robot or MATE exoskeleton. Comau will supply up to 3 robots and 3 exoskeletons for the full period of EIA 2019 Turin.

Comau will upload 3 problems to Online Platform. Check them out and sign up to teams working on the problems. Alternatively, you can propose your own challenge. Comau specialists are there to answer your questions and provide further information. And that’s not all – Comau has put some amazing awards for the best team:

  1. Excursion to Maserati Factory
  2. Free Ticket (worth 1,600 €) to Comau 10-day Project and People Management Summer School in Detroit or Shanghai.

The teams who develop startup projects with Comau may either continue with their projects after the program or seek further collaboration with Comau.