At the beginning of 2019, the Harvard Business Review published an article presenting how Qatar is building its own Silicon Valley. As we know, Silicon Valley is a world-renowned synonym for tech innovation, so startups from Qatar are using this recognition to fuel its very own ecosystem.

Undeniably, the tech revolution is already happening, led by Qatar Foundation (QF), a nonprofit organization supporting Qatar’s development through its education, research, and community development initiatives. The epicentre of innovation is the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), which is the home of international companies, nine world-class universities, three established research institutes, and the Arab Innovation Academy. 

Qatar Science and Technology Park

It’s not hard to tell that there’s an entrepreneurship transformation happening in this part of the world. In the last couple of years, Qatar has jumped into the top 25 countries of the Global Entrepreneurship Index. In this article, we’ll share five startups from Qatar you need to discover.

1. Samam

Gas leakage is an invisible and deadly danger that can affect any household. Luckily, saving lives is the aim of Samam’s main product. Samam is a smart safety (IoT) LPG and natural gas shut off system that detects and reacts immediately through an app. 

Samam Startups from Qatar

Samam works in three units, with the Sensor Unit being responsible for the detection and interaction between Samam’s Shut Off unit and the Mobile App through Wi-Fi gateway to the clouds. According to the startup, 35% of Qatar’s population has experienced a gas leakage issue and 70% of the people are afraid they may suffer from one.

The product is in the pre-order phase, so if you’d like to learn more, check out this link

2. Airlift 

Autonomous vehicles are already a reality, and Airlift is providing automated delivery services powered by its own intelligent control software and hardware to disrupt the on-demand logistics market.

Focused on the MENA region, Airlift is bringing high autonomy vehicles made for cargo and logistics applications for businesses and governments to optimize their operations with safety and efficiency in mind.

3. Bonocle

Bonocle is one of the startups from Qatar focused on improving the lives of users worldwide through technology. After careful observation, Bonocle targeted an area that had previously lacked innovation and took it upon themselves to do just that.

This is the next-gen assistive technology device for the visually impaired. It utilizes braille to allow the user unprecedented access to a wide array of electronic devices while maintaining a user-friendly and natural reading experience. With Bonocle, the aim is to co-exist with the visually impaired in classrooms and workplaces while enjoying similar, if not identical, access to digital content.

4. MaktApp

Founded in 2012, MaktApp is a SaaS startup that offers a Cloud Business Administration Software for office management. With more than 4,000 clients in 20 different countries around the world, MaktApp won the prize of the best technology company in Qatar in 2017.

From a program management tool to an invoice sharing app, MaktApp is an all-in-one solution to your business needs for an affordable subscription. MaktApp was tailored for the Middle East Market with all features designed in both Arabic and English. 

5. Urban Point

Who doesn’t like a bargain? Urban Point is a growing mobile marketplace that connects trendy consumers with quality businesses in Doha by promoting valuable offers. In other words, it provides discount vouchers and coupons to restaurants, spas, health clubs, and fun activity centres in Qatar. 

In 2016, Urban Point won “Mobile App of the Year” at Entrepreneur Qatar’s Enterprise Agility Awards ceremony. One of the biggest benefits for users is the “Buy One, Get One Free” deal that makes the subscription fee worth it to get to experience Doha and all it has to offer. Fun, right?

This is just a glimpse of Qatar’s thriving startup ecosystem. With the endless number of incredible startups being created in Qatar, it would be nearly impossible to find one that doesn’t suit your needs!