In Summer 2018, Henrique Carvalho from University of Lisboa joined EIA in Portugal and along with his team developed Clynx. Since those intense weeks, a lot has happened.

We’ve talked to Henrique Carvalho to know more how EIA has changed his life as an entrepreneur and to learn more about Clynx.

1. What were you expecting when you joined EIA?

Before entering and starting the EIA Summer Program, I was already part of a team, developing and working on an idea we had for a solution in the physical therapy sector. Although we had some work already done in terms of development, we had no clue about the immensity of the business world that was still unexplored by us on the entrepreneurship front. 

EIA seemed to be the perfect opportunity to open these doors and give us the most valuable insights we could ask for regarding the business and market aspects of project development. 

That was just the beginning…

Henrique Carvalho Team at EIA
Gonçalo Chambel, Joana Pinto, Henrique Carvalho, Rebeca Yeap, and João Ramiro.

We learned so much from all the valuable keynotes in addition to direct contact with mentors, who were incredibly supportive and dedicated time to nurture so many teams with so many amazing projects and ideas. 

Without a doubt, it was more than we expected!

We expected to get valuable insights and the possibility to work with a complete acceleration framework filled with business tools to take our project to the next level, but we got so much more than that. We got a community of brilliant minds helping each other and giving their time and effort for the success of the dreams of young people from across the globe.

2. What were the most valuable takeaways and learnings from the three weeks?

The most valuable takeaway is to never give up; fight for your ideas and what you really believe in. 

I learned that even though things can take time and may not always turn out the way you want them to, there’s always room for learning and improvement. After all, success lies in effort and perseverance, not in perfection.

Henrique Carvalho and Friends

3. What happened after the EIA Summer Program?

I can happily say the follow-up from EIA was astonishing for us. We actually ended up founding the startup, continued developing the project, and are now beginning to enter the market with an MVP version of the project already in testing-phase with real patients at one of the biggest groups of private clinics in Portugal! 

We are constantly getting awesome feedback from fairs such as WebSummit, which we had the honour of attending with a stand at the ALPHA startup stand space. In addition, we got a grant from the EIT Health competition, which means Clynx is one of the most promising startups in healthcare in Europe. 

If the sky is the limit, EIA was our launching platform. It was where we learned we can be as big as we want to be. 

4. How was the impact of EIA in your career?

EIA played a huge role in my entrepreneurship mindset. It awakened my interest in innovation and entrepreneurship in technology. 

After the program, I started helping people learn how to develop ideas and turn them into startups through workshops. I found that I thoroughly enjoy public speaking and sharing what I have learned with other young entrepreneurs.

5. Can you tell us more about what happened with the startup you created during EIA? What’s the current situation with Clynx? 

There’s a lot going on! We are currently having meetings with other private and public health institutions in Portugal to test our MVP and acquire data from real patients and future end-users for Clynx. After this testing phase is complete, we’re looking forward to working towards investment and the full implementation of our first client.

6. Any advice or comments for people who are thinking about applying? Why should they not miss out on this opportunity?

I have actually referred EIA to a lot of friends! EIA is a unique, intense, and brilliant opportunity not only to meet new and exciting people who will teach you so much but also—and especially—to gain true insight on what the world of entrepreneurship has to offer. 

It is undoubtedly an intense program, but the value it adds to the mindset and work ethic of the participants is invaluable. 

Don’t miss out on his opportunity because it can be the next big step towards a brilliant future. It will help you to build your own path, follow your dreams, and strive to achieve greatness every day, one day at a time.

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