Year 2019 Program Qatar Field Energy & Environment


Water shortage has long been a challenge for Tunisia because of its scarce and pronounced irregular water resources and with Irrigation constituting the largest consumer of water in Tunisia, using 80% of the total water potential in the country thus in recent years the challenge has been aggravated by growing urbanization and increasing demand from agriculture and industry. In addition, Tunisia has been struggling with a drought that can cover one or more regions while being seasonal or annual and it can last two or three successive years and it is said it would reach its maximum around the year 2030. A machine that turns air into irrigation water

Team members

Akram Mohsin Hassan Al Ramadhani | Sultan Qaboos University
Janet Sebri | ENICarthage
Jawaher Jabr Al Marri | Community College of Qatar
Qabas Said Majed Al-Barwani | Sultan Qaboos university
Yahia Boray | Qatar University

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