Year 2019 Program Qatar Field Education & Social Enterprise


Selecting an appropriate career is one of the most important decisions and with the increase in the number of career paths and opportunities, making this decision has become quite difficult for the students. According to the survey conducted by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research’s (CSIR), about 40% of students are confused about their career options. This may lead to wrong career selection and then working in a field which was not meant for them, thus reducing the productivity of human resource. Therefore, it is quite important to take the right decision regarding the career at an appropriate age to prevent the consequences that result due to wrong career selection. This system is a web application that would help students studying in high schools.
We will be providing a digital platform for career counseling using Artificial Intelligence to everyone. We will also be providing mentorship through it by connecting professionals and senior university students with freshmen and high school students.

Team members

Aya Elmashhrawi | Alazhar University
Wafaa Al-Wesabi | Sana’a University

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