We believe in people who dare to make a difference. People who strive to transcend mediocrity. People who dream, act, achieve. Each and every person on our team has their individual strengths. Yet, we work as a team!

In order to reach our ambitious goals, we are constantly growing and looking for talents to help us inspire lives and enrich the world in the best way possible. We believe that work is all about imagining, building, challenging, and innovating.

How many people can say they found their dream job? Are you doing what you imagined? Or are you looking for a change? Be part of a movement that impacts the world.

Working with EIA means hard work and going the extra mile. But, it also means working with the best team in the world, getting inspired, and learning something new every day. Joining our team requires that the entrepreneurial mindset is in your spirit and in your soul.

If that sounds like just the right company for you, take a closer look at our new career page. From now on, you can browse our list of available vacancies.  You can scan the job description by clicking on each position. After ensuring you’re the perfect fit, take the next step and apply. It’s easy!

In case no vacancy matches your profile, send us your resume anyway. The right role for you might become available soon!

Ready to discover our latest opportunities? Check out the EIA career page.


“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” – Steve Jobs