After an intense 10 days, the Arab Innovation Academy 2020 has come to an end.  125 participants from more than 30 nationalities have worked for more than 110 hours to turn startup ideas into reality.

The Education City in Doha, Qatar became the capital of entrepreneurship gathering young professionals, mentors and speakers from the world’s biggest companies and renown institutions.

Each participant has given its best and we’re really proud of it. At the end of the program, X teams were announced as winners of 2020 edition. Are you ready to find out what are their startup ideas about? Check it out!


First Place


Diabetes prevalence is rising, which imposes undesirable excessive human, the social and economic burden for Qatar. We decided to create a service for diabetic type 1 patients in Qatar. Our service is an integrated application and platform that notifies doctors to h diabetes type 1 patients avoid potential issues. Our system provides daily real-time information reports about the diabetes patient to the hospital which manages the prevalence of complications due to poor management. And it puts the patient in involvement and empowerment with his chronic disease and eventually satisfaction.

An online diabetes type 1 management system that tracks glucose measurements automatically through an internet connection. These measurements can be followed and monitored by the healthcare provider to identify blood glucose patterns for early intervention.

Team Members: Ahmad Khairalla, Ilona Kerhino, Mohammad Al Mukdad, Narjiss El Amrani and Samah Saad.

Award: Expedited interview with Alchemist Accelerator + HAG Ventures Accelerator Program + Article for Global Reach in European Innovation Academy network.


Second Place


 Some people make mistakes when they write in the Arabic language, so this website extension will help correct the mistakes. It is called Hamza as in the Arabic language, the most miswritten letter in Arabic. The purpose of this idea is to make sure that when people use the Arabic language for writing purposes, they use it correctly.

An extension provides a correction of Arabic grammar while students write. Unlike other websites that don’t encounter all the Arabic grammar mistakes, our product will give instant help to Arabic students.

Team Members: Abed AlRahman Naser, Fahad Said Salim AL-Bawiqi, Mohammad Alrifa’ai, Ola Alhawari and Rana Al Khouli.

Award: HAG Ventures Accelerator Program + Article for Global Reach in European Innovation Academy network.

Third Place

Go Star!

Nowadays, more parents are getting busy, while their kids are less engaged in society due to technology addiction. As a consequence of wasting time on many distractions, kids are suffering from a lack of skills, health issues, and brain development obstacles. Unfortunately, there is no easy and efficient way to help on decreasing these effects.

To solve this problem, our app will be the best option, by involving kids in scheduled, social, and skill-full missions. Our app will let parents track their kids online, build their kids’ skills and let them earn points.

Team Members:  Amani Naser, Gharam Awadh, Haifaa Alajmi, Sara Ait Hak and Yousef Malkawi.

Awards: HAG Ventures Accelerator Program

AIA 2020 Top Teams


The communication of deaf people is sadly limited to their vision if they’re focused on something or they can’t see you they won’t start interacting. This blocks them from important needs and luxuries of daily life.

An application to enhance and increase the awareness of the deaf user. It provides features such as a vibration notification when the deaf user name is called, a bell sound & much more. It works on aiding the deaf user to deal safely with the environment.

Team Members: Ayah Mohamedain, Fatema Mohammed, Ihssane Srhayri, Mohammad Haweeleh and Rowaid Alhourani.

Award: Expedited Interview with QSTP XLR8 Accelerator



Approximately 20 trees and 100t of water are used to produce 1t of paper. forests and water are two vitally important things for sustaining life on Earth and play a major role in the fight against climate change. considering the environmental problems humanity is facing now and which it will keep facing; a need for an alternative resource for paper production is mandatory.

Team Members: Basit Mumuni Abass, Fatima El Bachraoui, Mohammad Danish, Noon Thoelnoon and Slaima Ramadan.

Award: Expedited Interview with QSTP XLR8 Accelerator



Call centers employees tend to have the highest turn-over percentages compared to other professions. This is a result of high stress and pressure for long hours employees undergo in this job despite the low wages paid.

Team Members: Anas Rasras, Asma Mohammed, Khaled Mayyas, Maryam Alwahibi and Sara Awadalla.

Award: Expedited Interview with QSTP XLR8 Accelerator

Class Recorder

Students sometimes need to review the classes because they didn’t understand the class or they couldn’t follow up on the instructor and take notes.

To record lectures as videos. An automated device will start recording when a class starts. All of the records will be uploaded to a website that allows students to reach their classes. Students and professors can add special notes.

Team Members: Ahmed Rashid Sulaiman Al Salhi, Aljohara Alawlan, Diana Mujahed, Murtadha Asadallah and Omran Al Rasheed.

Award: 5 hours mentoring from Chilltime over a 3 month period.


Students are looking for their financial independence by putting their skills in profit during their free time. JobDating provides a solution for students to connect employers and job seekers.

Team Members: Abdelaziz Derouiche, Antoine Le Falher, Israa Obaid, Khaoula Arfaoui and Rand Hamdallah.

Award: 5 hours mentoring from Chilltime over a 3 month period.



HappyCity is a platform where neighbors can help neighbors for a very small fee. It is like TaskRabbit but at the neighbourhood level.

Team Members: Amira Alyahyai, Büşra Rümeysa Mete, Dogukan Aksu, Ravshanbek Salimov and Yusufbek Nasriddinov.

Award: Global reach by an article in the Innovation Academy network.



While viewers are watching an online stream, they tend to recognize the clothes’ brands of actors in addition to different locations of the background scenes (cities, landscapes…), but they lack instant information about them, and when it comes to video animations, they can’t have similar real-life recommendations to those.

Hitnget is a plug-in that is able to display real-time information about brand names and locations of the watched movie a similar real-life location with just a press of a button!

Team Members: Anaïs Cadudal, Ayoub Ahmed Chebani, Mouafek Ayadi, Oumaima Koubaa and Shreyansh Soni.

Award: Global reach by an article in the Innovation Academy network.



Dealer service centers do not have access to real-time information about their customer’s vehicles and an efficient communication platform with their owners to perform preventive, corrective & predictive maintenance activities of their cars.

-IoT based vehicle monitoring device -A real-time overview of customers’ vehicle performance -This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, which translates to higher customer retention and revenue.

Team Members: Ahamed Salim, Azhaar ALSiyabi, Anwar Al Yarubi, Mubarak Musa, Walid Khelifa.

Award: Global reach by an article in the Innovation Academy network.


Best MVP: HAG Ventures Accelerator Program


Healthcare: Access to WISH Innovation Startups Competition 2020


Diabetes is a worldwide condition that needs big assistance in diet and dugs. However, with a large number of patients, it is time-consuming to individually monitor every patient daily.

Team Members: Abdel-Malek Abdelrazeq, Hussain Alsaffar, Hussain Mohammed, Raghad Juneidi and Salman Haider.