As we gear up for this exciting event, we’re thrilled to showcase the seasoned professionals in design and technology who will guide our student teams. These mentors bring a wealth of expertise in UX and UI design, product development, coding, and prototyping.

Through their dedicated mentorship, student teams will gain invaluable insights and hands-on experience, transforming visionary ideas into tangible products. Each mentor is not only an expert in their field but also a passionate educator, eager to nurture the next generation of tech innovators and design thinkers.

Throughout the event, they will help teams define product features, design prototypes, and refine product designs, ensuring each project is both innovative and feasible. 

Join us as we introduce the mentors who will help make EIA Porto 2024 a hub of creativity and innovation, transforming visionary ideas into tangible products.

Isaiah Harvin / Senior Product Manager at The Walt Disney Company / US

Isaiah Harvin - EIA design mentorIsaiah Harvin is a senior product leader at The Walt Disney Company, where he spearheads transformative user experiences for major platforms like Disney+ and Hulu. With a dynamic background that includes roles at Altria and HBO Max, as well as his own entrepreneurial ventures, Isaiah has consistently infused creativity and innovation into digital core and platform experiences. An EIA alumni himself, Isaiah’s mentorship is enriched by firsthand understanding of the program’s impactful learning environment. At EIA Porto 2024, he aims to guide new entrepreneurs in harnessing their creativity to develop compelling, user-centric products.

Helen Minařík / Director of Customer Experience Product at Rush Street Interactive / Estonia

Helen Kokk - EIA design mentorHelen Kokk has a 20-year track record in the design industry, focusing on UI/UX and customer experience across health, finance, and iGaming sectors. She founded the successful design communities Your Design Works in Estonia and Let’s Design Uganda in Kampala, demonstrating her commitment to nurturing global design talent. As a mentor she brings her dynamic approach to fostering creativity and innovation, ensuring that each session not only ignites energy but also concludes with actionable outcomes.

Tõnis Ostrat / Senior Software Developer at Katana / Estonia

Tõnis Ostrat - EIA tech mentorTõnis Ostrat is a seasoned software developer with over a decade of experience. Notably, he developed the core system of a risk management software for the medical sector, still impactful after ten years. A committed mentor at EIA since 2016, Tõnis is using his straightforward, no-nonsense approach to foster genuine progress and innovation.

Jaycee Holmes / Co-founder of CodeHouse / US

Jaycee Holmes - EIA tech mentorJaycee Holmes brings expertise in leveraging design and tech to create innovative experiences. As a professor at Spelman College and co-lead of the Spelman Innovation Lab, Jaycee co-founded CodeHouse and previously served as a Framework PM for Teams at Microsoft. With a background in math and a Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Jaycee has contributed significantly to education, tech diversity initiatives, and immersive experiences at various institutions and organizations.

Bruno Nascimento / Engineering Team Lead at Remote / Portugal

Bruno Nascimento - EIA tech mentorBruno Nascimento is a seasoned Engineering Team Lead with a track record of entrepreneurial success, including founding two startups—one in men’s natural products and another in smart cities, both of which he sold successfully. His self-taught journey in software development, combined with his ability to lead product teams at a startup with over 1200 employees, underscores his versatile expertise in tech development and strategy. His approach is deeply rooted in practical learning, focusing on experimenting, iterating, and optimizing product development and user experience.

Catarina Violante / Vice President of Operations at / Portugal

Catarina Violante - EIA tech mentorCatarina Violante, as the VP of Operations at, is dedicated to pioneering sustainable innovations within the textile industry. Her experience in transforming visionary ideas into practical applications enhances Smartex’s mission to develop intelligent fabric solutions that reduce waste and improve manufacturing efficiency. Notably co-founding Mellow and advancing innovation at FNV Labs, Violante has a robust track record in product development, overseeing projects from concept to market. Under her leadership at FNV Labs, she has launched user-centric kitchen products that seamlessly integrate technology, enhancing functionality and user experience.

Maido Parv / Senior Product Designer at Bolt / Estonia

Maido Parv - EIA tech mentorMaido Parv is a Senior Product Designer at Bolt with over a decade of experience in crafting user-centric digital products that reach millions globally. Renowned for his expertise in designing complex, data-heavy interfaces for sectors like FinTech and mobility, Maido has significantly shaped user experiences across various industries. Maido brings a wealth of knowledge and a no-nonsense, practical approach to mentoring, empowering the next generation of design thinkers to create impactful and innovative solutions.

Madison Metivier / Firm-Wide Marketing Graphic Designer at Gensler / US

Madison Metivier - EIA design mentorCurrently excelling as a marketing graphic designer at Gensler, Madison Metivier has shaped compelling visual identities and digital campaigns for a wide range of high-profile clients across various industries. Their career journey includes significant roles at CNN, where they specialized in creating visual content for television shows, and at CODEHOUSE Corporation, where they set the creative direction and boosted the brand’s visibility. With a robust background that spans from AT&T’s advertising initiatives to orchestrating New York Fashion Week productions, Metivier’s diverse experiences have solidified their reputation as a visionary in visual communication and design.

Check out also outstanding business mentors who will be joining EIA Porto 2024. Marketing mentors as well as Pitch Coaches, IP Consultants and Investors will be announced in the upcoming weeks!


If you want to get mentored by these experts, submit your application until June 30, 2024!