🚀 We’re excited to see you gearing up for the exciting “Start for Good” Startup Bootcamp in Qatar 2024!

There’s an important step to getting accepted to the program—finalizing your dream team. Finding yourself a team or just the missing member of your team is a way to bring in fresh ideas and skills. Find your team members from an emerging market to have an even bigger global impact.

Here are some easy and effective ways to find the right person:

  1. University Connections: Start with your own university. Post on notice boards or share in class groups. Your ideal teammate might be just around the corner!
  2. Social Media Outreach: Use your connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. A simple post about your start-up idea, team, or what you’re looking for can reach far and wide. Post it on your own feed, in a group, or send personal messages to potential candidates. Don’t forget to use hashtags related to startups and innovation to increase visibility on the posts.
  3. Networking: Keep an eye out for (virtual) events, workshops, or talks related to entrepreneurship and innovation. These are great for meeting individuals with similar goals.
  4. Online Forums: Join forums or groups dedicated to startups and innovation. Sites like Reddit or specialized innovation forums can be goldmines for finding passionate individuals.
  5. Ask for Referrals: Sometimes, a recommendation from a friend or colleague can lead you to the perfect team member. Spread the word within your personal and professional networks.

Remember, the key is to look for someone who not only brings the skills you need but also shares your enthusiasm and vision for making a difference at the Bootcamp. Let’s find that missing piece of our team puzzle 🧩 and make your journey at the Bootcamp unforgettable!