With seemingly infinite course options and the concern of your family’s budget in mind, convincing your family that the European Innovation Academy is the right choice may be challenging. 

Since the European Innovation Academy is one of the most complex and life-changing programs around, we would like to help you prepare your pitch deck and get ready to blow their minds!

Here are some trusty tips to help you convince your parents to fund your EIA trip.

how to convince your parents to invest EIA

From Student to Master

Tell your parents it is not a semester or even the whole summer. In 3 weeks you will come back having launched a startup. During the program, you test your leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking, and your perseverance. In this environment, you get the chance to test out your business idea or join a startup in a risk-free environment. 

The opportunity gives you the chance to dive into the world of startups and leave with an entrepreneurial mindset – something you cannot find at an internship or at any local startup. The EIA value is unmatched – it will certainly test some of the power skills mentioned by the World Economic Forum like “creativity, adaptability, and time management.” All three will be tested and improved during the academy. 

Find a Top-notch Mentor

Discuss the value and rare opportunity of meeting with IP lawyers, pitch coaches, investors, speakers, and mentors from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Uber, and many more. We have some of the most committed and authoritative individuals involved in helping your startup achieve 10x growth. Whether Eugenia Dunaeva from Meta, or Kameel Vohra, you have the opportunity to learn from and meet with mentors that transcend your local startup ecosystem.

The Same Mindset: 600 Strong 

Tell your parents you are not going alone. You will join a group of participants from universities all over the world from 60+ countries. It is not uncommon for one team at EIA to incorporate students from four or five different countries. The experience is one that is highly valuable for graduates entering a workforce that sees diversity and multiculturalism as a new superpower, propelling businesses forward. 

Carry new skills into future employment

Get ready to be extraordinary. Tell your family you are about to gain a unique experience that potential employers will certainly take interest in. How many students are getting summer internships? How many are going to Portugal to create and launch a startup in 15 days? The skills needed as an entrepreneur are transferable to any company big or small.

Ensuring your safety and Well-being during the program

Safety and well-being are paramount in our program, where over 100 dedicated staff, including program organizers, volunteers, and mentors, are committed to ensuring that every participant feels secure and supported. Recognizing the importance of accessibility, we ensure students can reach EIA staff at any time for any need, question, or support, including specialized personnel for mental and emotional guidance. The program is hosted on a university campus that maintains the highest security standards, with round-the-clock guarded access and monitored student residences, providing a safe learning environment. Furthermore, being located in Portugal, one of the safest countries globally, adds an extra layer of tranquility, allowing participants to immerse themselves in their studies and the rich cultural experiences available, with the assurance that their safety, mental, and emotional well-being are well looked after.

Pack your suitcase

In addition, we provide a accommodation options to choose from before your arrival. Tell your parents to turn their Instagram notifications on to watch you soar to startup glory. More importantly, they can learn about all of the mouth-watering Portuguese treats like Pastel de nata. 

Are you ready for EIA Porto 2024? Click here to secure your spot! If you still have some questions regarding the program, write us to info@inacademy.eu.