Can you imagine having the best team of mentors to guide your entrepreneurial life? Can you imagine attaining this without spending a penny? Thanks to the internet, this is a reality. The list of resources is endless. Among these possibilities, TED Talks stand out as a great source of knowledge and inspiring stories.

The magic of TED Talks about entrepreneurship is that they’re not only about techniques or tips. They’re more about developing your soft skills. So If you’re striving to grow, you can’t miss the following videos!

Get Ready to Watch 5 TED Talks About Entrepreneurship That Will Change Your Life.

1. Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a cool thing, and we know that. But how can kids discover this for themselves?

In this TED Talk, Cameron Herold, Founder of COO Alliance, discusses the current academic system. He explains how many young students are prone to boredom, conflict with peers, and lapses in confidence; how these problems are related to the educational system and how we could change it.

Despite being from 2010, this TED Talk is still relevant and includes some amazing insights for entrepreneurs.


2. What’s Our Goal with Entrepreneurship?

One of the great things about entrepreneurship-focused TED Talks is that you learn with real examples.

Ashwini Anburajan, Founding Partner of 22X Fund, shares how her company became part of an entirely new way to raise capital using the powers of cooperation and cryptocurrency.

The entrepreneur explains the need to democratize access to capital if you want to innovate. a quick talk with instructive power.


3. How an Entrepreneurial Potter Helped Restore Beauty to a City

The story of this entrepreneur started when she was looking for a gift for her mother. Emma Bridgewater wanted to gift her mother with two cups and saucers that would say “I love you. I miss you.” She was only 23 years old when she realized that there was a gap in the market: Creating colorful and mismatched pottery.

After 39 years, Emma Bridgewater Pottery is one of the biggest names in UK pottery.

In this talk, Emma shares her tumultuous journey to entrepreneurship,  interviewed by TED speaker and serial-entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan.


4. Why Schools Should Teach Entrepreneurship

This one is not unlike the above Ted Talk. But Linda Zhang, a young innovator in Australia, focused her talk on high school students.

Linda Zhang grew up in New Zealand. She learned about entrepreneurship with her parents, who were immigrants from China. They managed to create what is now the second largest supplier of sewing threads in the country.

During this talk, Linda brings some questions like “What problems do you want to solve?” and “What is entrepreneurship?” We’re sure you’ll need to pause the video and think about your answers to these questions.


5. How I’m Making Bricks out of Ashes and Rubble in Gaza

Majd Mashharawi was born in Gaza, Palestine. The tough reality of this enclosed area is well-known to the whole world. But after studying civil engineering, Majd asked herself, “What can I do for my people? How can I help us?”

These two questions lead the Palestinian engineer to innovation. Madja created a literal building block from the ashes and rubble of the Gaza demolition. The product is lighter, cheaper and stronger than a cement block. It allows people to build and rebuild their houses at an affordable price.

Check out the full story in this TED talk about entrepreneurship, innovation, and overcoming.


Learning continuously is an essential part of the entrepreneurship development process. Find your inspiration and never stop searching for new insights!