After attending the European Innovation Academy (EIA) 2019 in Portugal, Arno Craeynest went back home ready to launch The intense experience at EIA was all Arno needed to turn his startup idea into reality.

Currently studying industrial engineering and electromechanics, Arno and his friend Jean have been working on this project for a reasonable time. So, they realized it was the right time to get things done. 

In the middle of October, Arno and Jean launched ‒ an online platform to sell large printed images taken by different photographers. 

In this interview, we talked about and also about Arno’s experience at the European Innovation Academy.

1. Hey, Arno! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in a happy family with two brothers and one sister. We all chose different professional paths. I’m always busy with university, work, friends, traveling, or sports. During summer I work as a coastal lifeguard. At the moment, I’m dedicating all my spare time to

2. What are you passionate about?

It might sound cliche, but I’m passionate about traveling and music. Entrepreneurship is a new passion I have recently discovered at EIA.

3. What were your expectations for EIA? 

I decided to join EIA as a recommendation of a friend who had participated and loved the experience. I saw it as the right place to expand my set of skills.

To be honest, EIA was a step in the dark.

I wasn’t sure if I had the necessary skills to take part in the Innovation Academy. I couldn’t be more wrong. My educational background wasn’t a disadvantage at any point. Actually, it made my experience even more interesting. I was able to help my team and, more important, I completely changed my entrepreneurial mindset.

4. What was your biggest challenge at EIA?

My biggest challenge actually started when I got back home. A friend of mine had this amazing startup idea which I was very enthusiastic about. We had already been working on it for a long time. When I got back from the program, I felt that we were ready to make it happen.

One of the most important things I’ve learned during the program was to make things happen. After three months, I’m now launching my own startup with my friend Jean. If I hadn’t joined EIA I wouldn’t have gone beyond brainstorming.

5. How would you describe your EIA days?


They were very busy days, but so interesting. In the morning we had keynotes from people who had once been in our shoes. They shared their experiences and taught us about different subjects. 

In the afternoon we worked on our own startup project with a very diverse team. That was also the moment when we would get the best advice, tricks, and tips from our mentors. Besides the challenge of creating a startup, I had the chance to meet people from all around the world. Different nationalities willing the same: to create innovative startups that will change the world. Everybody there was motivated to make the best of their summer!

6. What was the project you worked on at EIA?

I worked on a project called ‘mind the gap’. The main idea was to work on tram rails safety for bikes. In some cities, they’re an issue for cyclists and the cause of many accidents.

7. What happened after the program? What are the biggest updates from your startup?

We’ve put ‘mind the gap’ on hold for now and we’re 100% focused on This is a startup where we want to support photographers by selling their pictures printed in large formats. website Website

Let me quickly explain how it works:

  • The photographer uploads some of their best pictures on our platform;
  • We select the best ones and publish them on;
  • If someone purchases a photo, we fairly share profits with the photographer.

It is easy to use either from photographers or clients’ perspective.

8. Dou you have any advice to share with our future participants?

Don’t think twice about joining this amazing journey. It doesn’t matter what your study field is. The most important thing is to be motivated and willing to work hard.

Amazing story, right? Don’t forget to check on Facebook and Instagram or visit our website if you want to see what we are doing!

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