Good networks build on good relations, and you can’t move forward on a business idea or career without one. You need people to help you and vice-versa. So how can you get the most out of the online events you’re attending? In this article, we’ll cover 6 tips to master the art of networking online. 

Get ready to take some notes and learn how to network like a pro!

1. Set a goal

Setting a goal will help you plan out your event participation. When you have a goal in mind, you know exactly why you’re attending that event. You can use your time optimally, talking and connecting with the right people.

We encourage you to make a list of goals and priorities while preparing yourself for an online event. By the end of an event attended with concrete goals in mind, you will be able to claim, “Mission accomplished!” 

2. Ask and listen

Your own experience is definitely helpful to other people, but don’t be the only one in the discussion who’s sharing the knowledge! The opportunity to talk and share can be a little harsher since it is an online event, so remember to be inclusive. There is often much to learn from any business peers with whom you’re connecting. So, in a nutshell: Be curious!

When you start a conversation, make sure to ask interesting questions. And remember that it’s crucial to be an attentive listener. Good listening is an important skill you need to develop if you want to succeed. 

3. Every person has value!

Don’t forget to be open, friendly, and honest – and yes, during the online meeting, nothing changes and these personal values are still golden. This is key to forge real connections with people who may have something to offer you. And you’ll have something to offer them in return!

If you want to learn how to network online, here’s an important rule to keep in mind: Every person has value.

Don’t make the mistake of paying attention only to job titles or cultural differences. You should be open to diversifying your professional network. People of all stripes can act as great connections for your future business or career. You never know how a connection made today may profit both of you tomorrow.

4. Establish and Maintain Your Online Presence

You should be working with your classmates on the assigned tasks together, but remember to make connections outside of the virtual classroom. Creating in-person bonds can help you to know your teammates better and learn from each other. 

The focus on your online presence will help your new teammates or classmates to learn more about you and your professional background. It could be as simple as creating a profile on LinkedIn—the social networking site that 94 % of recruiters use to recruit and find new people.

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As your career improves over time, so should your profile. Regularly take the time to update your work and educational experiences.

5. Smile!

It might sound silly, but smiling is the best way to calm down when you’re nervous. Being optimistic is a great way to shape yourself with the work environment, and most importantly, always try to show your smile when conveying with someone or something.

So don’t forget to smile even during your video conference calls and use lovely smiling emoticons when texting your teammates or classmates in the chat.

6. Follow up

Having your mind organized and clear is crucial when working online is a great idea to develop your “to-do list” and finish your assigned tasks on time. This can’t be your excuse for missing out on a business opportunity. Take the time to do what you’ve promised.

It takes practice and time to learn how to network. Take these 6 tips into consideration and start rockin’ it at your next event!

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