There are no magic formulas to create successful startups. However, when analyzing innovative business ideas that have changed the market you can find a common factor: all of these companies have created something new or filled a gap that initiated a technology paradigm shift. To understand this idea, you just need to think about examples like Uber, Airbnb, and Transferwise.

As you could imagine, the journey from creating a startup and turning into a unicorn company is a long one. Getting inspired by innovative business ideas is the first step in understanding how to make a difference. In this article, you’ll find a list of startup companies created during the European Innovation Academy programs around the world. 

1. PocketConfidant AI

Industry: Professional Training & Coaching

EIA France 2016

PocketConfidant is a virtual coach that helps users to be more proactive in personal growth along with learning and working practices. It helps users to organize thoughts, challenging them in real-time. 

The virtual coach uses machine learning that aims to create positive attitudes and great behaviours, improving life and work quality.

how pocketconfidant works

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2. Paperchain

Industry: Digital Media/FinTech

EIA Portugal 2017

Paperchain is an efficient, low-cost, and scalable finance platform for the digital media industry. Its innovative business idea works with digital media platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube to turn payments of artists more quickly.

Paperchain Cover

Paperchain’s mission is to use data to empower financial market participation via an innovative investment market of digital media revenue.

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3. Left

Industry: Travel

EIA Portugal 2017

Organizing travel groups is not an easy task. LEFT is an all-in-one software that offers all necessary features to get everyone from a trip on the same page, from organizers to travellers.

LEFT allows users to create and manage itinerary, send messages, and organize every detail of group travels. 


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4. Wenda Srl

Industry: Information Technology

EIA France 2015

Every year, more than $200B of food are wasted. The main reasons for this are inefficient distribution and logistic problems.

Wenda Srl helps food retailers, producers, and restaurants with a shared and plug&play platform to support company decisions, tracking the integrity of food and beverage along the supply chain.

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