In July 2019, Jeniffer Mpho Lebethe took a  13-hour flight from Johannesburg to Hong Kong.

The long journey was just the first challenge she would face during the days at the European Innovation Academy.

In this interview, Jeniffer shares everything she experienced at EIA. Find out more about the CEO of Building Blocks and her incredible adventures in Hong Kong.

1. Hi Jeniffer! Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Jennifer Mpho Lebethe, I am from South Africa. I am 25 years old and absolutely in love with life and all it has to offer. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and an entrepreneur. I love that I can create my own experiences in life and I don’t believe in failure but rather in moments of learning and clarity.

2. What are your passions in life? 

I am passionate about Africa, about people and life! I think the ability to live and for each person to create the very experiences that they want is incredible and blows my mind. I believe in Africa because its the most fun and loving continent I have ever been to. The fact that every person on this earth is unique and different in some or other way excites me because imagine what we could create together.

3. What were your expectations for the EIA program? 

I joined EIA expecting to grow my global network, to learn from entrepreneurs who have walked this journey far longer than I have and to validate my idea. EIA Hong Kong allowed me to do all three and more. 

I now have a more seasoned and diverse global network, I got to meet some incredible people. I learnt so much from all the speakers, mentors, coaches and the EIA staff. Last but not least, I was able to validate my idea and broaden my thinking as it relates to entrepreneurship.

4. What was your biggest challenge? 

My biggest challenge was managing a diverse team of people and making sure that we could execute in 9 days essentially.

5. How would you describe your EIA Days? 

Fun, full of growth and lots of experimenting

Jeniffer Mpho Lebeth at Hong Kong

6. What was your best #eiamoment? 

Stef Lau’s presentation on team dynamics. I really enjoyed that it was incredible. I love her energy and the way she brought the lessons across, it was fun! Super Litt!

7. Any piece of advice for the next participants? 

Come with an open mind and be willing to share your knowledge and experiences for nothing in return. Part of the fun and the experiences is giving!

8. Can you share a quote that inspires you? 

“What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” – Maya Angelou. 

This quote continues to inspire me many years after I read it because it reminds me that the only thing holding me back is me. The day you release oneself from thyself, is the day you will truly begin to live and to thrive.

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