Creating a startup in only 10 days. This is the biggest challenges for participants that joined EIA Hong Kong in 2019. Nearly 100 students, young professionals, and guests from North America, Europe and Asia gathered at Inno Space where they have to go from ideation to pitching, working hard and going beyond their limits.

In this article, EIA presents the 12 teams of the Hong Kong Summer Program. Find out what they’re working one, the problem they’re tackling and the expertise of each participant.

EIA Hong Kong – Teams of 2019

Building Blocks

A cloud-based web platform that helps startups advance from startup creation stage to startup growth phase by providing financial data and metrics that can be directly used in pitch decks when approaching investors.

Building blocks team - EIA HK 19
Team: Jeremy Morons | Monash University  (Melbourne, Australia),  Jennifer Mpho Lebethe | University of Cape Town – (Cape Town, South Africa), Christian Filemon | Nanyang Technological University – (Singapore), Kavya Agarval | Nanyang Technological University – (Singapore), and Rebecca Huang (Taiwan/Taipei).


A mobile app that allows people seeking mental help to assess their mental health and condition as well as keeping track of it, and to improve themselves. While being surrounded by a positive community of people striving for better mental health.

Bluwell - EIA HK 19
Team: Kevin Bieber (Switzerland), Laura Czypulovski (Hong Kong),  Rama Satya| Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences,  Tim Rupke | Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (Switzerland), and Vanessa Vorteil | Taliin University. 


An AI-driven coach bot for students, where you can ask any question related to your university, studies, exams, lifestyle or ask for advice and get answers from your peers through an interactive AI bot.

Team: Agata Odzienkowska | Syddansk Universitet (Denmark), Han YUAN | Hong Kong Baptist University, Maciej Czyz | Warsaw School of Economics (Poland),  Paulina Godlewska | Warsaw School of Economics (Poland),  and Tianrui Chen | Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).


Tourists find it difficult on how much budget they need to bring when they are planning to travel to a country that they have never been before. Problems can be solved if they have relatives in that country, but that is not always the case for everyone. People rely on a travel agency to provide information, but it is not a cheap solution for tourists. Some people will bring excess budget, but this creates problems related to safety issues and exchange currency rate that change every day. We want to build an automatic budget planning platform for tourists consisting of transportation information, food services, and tourism attractions. It helps tourists how much budget should they bring when they travel to a country.


Team: Ann Edmonda Tommy Putra | Nanyang Technological University (Indonesia), Anshika Rajiv, University Of Hong Kong,  Benyamin Kristian Worabay | Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences, Cyril Cousteur  (France), and Fu Long Tan | Nanyang Technological University (Indonesia).


A smart contract deployed on the Ehereum blockchain designed to deliver the social media credentials of a user upon death. This is determined when a user is unable to interact with the contract after a period of time.

Elyzium - EIA Hong Kong 19
Team: Ho Pong Lau (Hong Kong), Beltran Fiz, (Luxembourg), and Ilyas Mgharfaoui (Italy).


The Custify plug-in is a crowd-sourced Q&A solution that provides user-generated answers to any product related question. We aim to increase the conversion rate for e-commerce businesses and decrease return rates for consumers.

Custify - EIA HK 19
Team: Alexander Ho Wang Tat – Chinese University of Hong Kong,  Charisse Mok (Hong Kong), Hiroaki Tanabe – Minnesota State University Moorhead (USA), and Kristoffer Holtermann – Copenhagen Business School (Denmark).

Eat With Me

Food tastes better when we eat together. EAT With Me is app to connect people with eaters around them with the same interests. Eating parties & events organized by hosts and restaurants.

Eat With Me - Team HK 19
Team: Bobby Jia – Chinese University of Hong Kong, Edison Lo – University Of Hong Kong, Senru (Elaine) Yang – University Of Hong Kong, Vilma Mattila (Finland), and Yueyang Wang – University of California-Santa Cruz (USA). 


An app that revolutionizes the way you can discover new supplements from your phone by suggesting personalized daily supplements. All relevant information made easy to understand in a way that helps to order the right supplements monthly.

Fitamin Team EIA HK 19
Team: John Selvaraj | Texas A&M University-San Antonio (USA), Hanna Kientz (France), Külli Linde (Estonia), Philipp Brunner (Switzerland), and Paul Lee (China).


LAGOM reduces the amount of plastic packaging in the beauty and personal care industry by providing cosmetic brands with a soluble alternative.

Lagom - Team HK 19

Team: Elaine Isabelle Korompis – Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences, Esther Chan Hui – Nanyang Technological University (Singapore),  Felix Schenker – Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (Switzerland), Kristof Tomasz – Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), and Mirja Christin Trotz – Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (Switzerland).


Native is a platform from that schools can choose travel guides from remote places and students can use VR/AR glasses to discover the places.

Native HK Team 19

Team: Felix Schmidt – Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (Switzerland), Xinqi Zhang – University of San Francisco (USA), Angel Eugenio – American International College (Venezuela), Denys Bachynskyy – EAE Business School  (Spain), and Isaac Rodriguez – Texas A&M University-San Antonio (USA)



PACit is a mobile app that gives brands the opportunity to differentiate themselves by offering consumers insight into the whole value chain.

PACit team HK 2019

Team: Aayush Chandwani (India), Aditya Singh (India), Erine Marcelina Gunawan – Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences, Herong Su – Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (Taiwan), and Johanna Smith (New Zealand). 


SmartUp is providing a networking platform where start-ups can be connected to each other and potential customers through sharing resources based on their needs.

SmartUp Team - EIA HJ 19
Team: Dorina Ilias – Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (Albania), Florian Beitans – Universität Leipzig (Germany), Irina Craciun – Thomas More Hogeschool (Romania), Suvanna Visakha Wu – Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences, and Tanja Gebhard – Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (Switzerland).

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