Bobbie Reyes is currently an undergrad student at the University of Berkeley. In July 2019, she accepted the challenge to create a startup in 15 days and joined the European Innovation Academy, in Portugal.

Throughout the summer program, the young entrepreneur has worked with four other participants – all from different nationalities – to develop an app called Carbon Crew. The startup aims to seamlessly calculate your carbon footprint by analyzing your purchases and provide an option to offset your carbon footprint in an instant. Carbon Crew makes it easy to participate in climate change by simply running in the background of your life.

Back to Berkeley, after the three-week program, Bobbie has summarized her key learnings and experiences in this inspiring list shared on her LinkedIn account.

7 Key Learnings and Experiences by Bobbie Reyes

“Just completed the European Innovation Academy in Portugal! I built a startup in 3 weeks with 4 other amazing individuals who represented 4 different countries (talk about diversity)! The program consisted of 500+ participants around the world and global industry leaders who served as our mentors. Together, we tackled real-world problems by trying to build solutions the world needs.”

1. My leadership style is flexible, communicative, and changes as our world does. 
2. Startup life is more enjoyable when you work with a diverse team and a team you actually like!
3. Received valuable information from mentors I’ll take with me forever covering tech, law, marketing, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, female empowerment, leadership, and life!
4. Was greeted with a warm welcome from the President of Portugal.
5. Pitch coached a few teams. I was so proud to see my favorite duo on stage make it to top 10. I love seeing others WIN!
6. Met amazing individuals from all over the world. We’re all human.
7. Entrepreneurship education is one like no other. $300 school textbooks could never match.

Every year, the European Innovation Academy gathers nearly 1000 participants from more than 85 nationalities in 4 different locations – Portugal, Canada, Hong Kong and Qatar. Want to learn more about the program and discover inspiring stories? Check out EIA Blog!