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May - July 2019 / Turin, Italy


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Program Overview

Our program takes You through a real-life process of building a startup from concept to launch and gives You the know-how to make it happen. Over the course of 3-months and 5 missions you will cover the following:

Design Your EUR 100M business ambition.

Assess Your existing business model and decide on a new idea to focus on.

Find new business opportunities with Google Trends and other digital tools

Grow fast or die slow – 72% of companies die because of too slow growth and change. This mission teaches you how you can grow in an increasingly complex world. Based on the audit results, you will start working on your growth ambition.

How can I grow my enterprise in a sustainable way? How do I understand this growth so that it is manageable? How do I handle growing pains?

We inspire you with concrete cases and equip you with the necessary tools that will enable you to better manage growth. Get insights on the growth potential of your business. Be able to manage growth. Be able to stimulate growth.

Amazon Web Services
Grew from online book business to cloud computing which now generates 90% of the company’s profit.

Define Your customer to estimate the future market.

Change your perspective and learn to think like Your customer. Identify the size of the market.

How to make a low budget global market research with digital tools and data.

On average, SMEs are losing 1.4 million euros each year by deluding themselves into thinking they know their customers. Knowing and understanding customer needs should be at the center of every successful business.

By taking a customer-centric approach and relying on the market evidence, one can use it to their profitable advantage and become exceptionally successful. By the end of the mission You will be equipped with necessary tools and market research and as a result, know how to create products that customers really want.

Used data from customer search patterns to design the ideal houses.

Define the 10X value for your product or service.

Design and launch digital landing page.

Enter to a new market with digital tools and low budget

You can increase your product’s value by 10X. Quality and performance are the only two options. We demonstrate 32 value elements which help compa- nies to increase their product value.

You will invent a scalable product with digital features. The new product value will be digitally tested in international markets. Before developing the actual product or service, You will build your international customer base.

Stitch Fix
Personalized shopping service and subscription by combining customer needs data & AI.

Define how to increase the commercialization potential of a product or service.

Design Your new business model.

Test Your business model scalability in international markets

Established companies have to nd new and innovative business models to compete against growing competition and rapidly changing the environment. To achieve Your 100 MEUR goal, we will transform Your business model through 9 innovative building blocks. Through digitalizations, Your new business model will be more scalable and pro table.

A monthly cosmetics subscription has transformed the way we buy beauty products.

How to continue Your innovation practice within Your company.

Design a clear action plan for the next 100 days.

Development sprints

To succeed in the long-term, companies need to have a clear strategy and an action plan. We will design a 100-day roadmap to apply Your new business ambition in real life settings. A key to success here lies in the ability to enforce innovation within Your company. This mission teaches You how to build an innovation culture and together as a team work towards Your new ambition.

Created an organizational culture where innovation and new ideas are welcomed.

Selection and Application Process

8 companies are invited to form 3-member teams and participate face-to-face workshops and mentoring sessions over a 3-month period. At least one team member should be from executive level - Owner, CEO, CFO, CMO in order to make sure the program has a real impact on your company.

What makes the accelerator unique?

For achieving superior results you need the best tools you can get. Our programs are based on validated methodologies incorporating the digital tools with experienced mentors.

EIA Digital Feedback Platform


Experienced Silicon Valley Mentors

Program Methodology

Success Stories


Decreasing margins. A weak business model in long term.

Program Results:
Shift from product mindset to service-minded. Disruptive concept of "usership".


Local market approach, relatively expensive software pricing model.

Program Results:
Global product offering over different industries from aerospace to textile based on a subscription model.


Low business growth and small market.

Program Results:
Digital platform for automated legal services using a subscription model, targeting global markets.

Over 1000+ alumni


... and many more!

Only 8 companies will be chosen

Who is this for?

Middle and senior level managers in medium-sized companies. People working with innovation, business development, marketing and other strategic areas. Anyone interested in accelerating their organisation’s growth.

Founder / CEO

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Innovation Architect

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Innovation Officer

Sales Director

New Product Development Director

Research and Development Director

Strategic Development Director

Business Development Director


“This training will help you to find the new opportunities to grow your business and provide you inspiration and tools that traditional company needs to know in a modern age of digitalization. Use this chance to explore new business potential and network with the experienced international entrepreneurs.”

Vincenzo Ilotte
Presidente della Camera di commercio di Torino

Only 8 companies will be chosen

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