15 - 28 JULY, 2020, CALGARY, CANADA

A 10-day entrepreneurship accelerator program.
Learn what it takes to become a global entrepreneur and be a part in a life-changing experience.

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University of Calgary


The University of Calgary is a global intellectual hub located in Canada’s most enterprising city. In this spirited, high-quality learning environment, students will thrive in programs made rich by research, hands-on experiences and entrepreneurial thinking. By 2022, UCalgary will be recognized as one of Canada’s top five research universities, fully engaging the communities that the institute both serves and leads.

The three key areas of focus for the University of Calgary are 1) A sharpened focus on research and scholarship 2) Enriched quality and breadth of learning and 3) Serve as an intellectual, social and cultural hub.


Our accelerated mode of learning has proven to turn ideas into startups in just ten days



Showcase Your Startup Idea to Become the New Unicorn
Say “Hi” To Your Co-participants by Using The EIA Platform
Meet & Talk to EIA’s Chatbot - The Growby
Check Other Ideas in the EIA Program



Promoting Your Idea
Survival Guide & Experiments for Entrepreneurs
Multicultural Team Management
5 Ways to Create 100M Business & Disrupting Industries
Google Tools Exploitation
Customer Persona Design
B2B & B2C Innovation Systems
Business Model Global Scalability
Growth Hacking Strategies
MVP Prototyping



Go-To-Market Plan
Marketing & Distribution Channels
SEO & Google AdWords Campaign
UX/ UI Design
1000 Customer Acquisition in 100 hours
Product Hackathon with Software Experts
PR & Branding
Finance & Funding Strategies
Crowdfunding Campaign
IP Clinics
Pitch Like a Boss!
Fireside Chat with Early Stage Investors

New Startups
Speakers and mentors

Hunter Hub


The Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking is the epicenter for interdisciplinary entrepreneurial thinkers and innovators across the University of Calgary campus, and the community. Since its inception in 2017, the Hunter Hub has helped build great ideas into reality by connecting budding entrepreneurs with organizations and individuals within the innovation ecosystem. In addition to an extensive network, the Hub offers workshops, panels, mentorship, competitions, pitch training and access to funding sources. As a nucleus of connectivity and learning, the Hub seeks to integrate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking across UCalgary faculties, community and industry.

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The sunniest city in Canada, Calgary, is located next to the breathtaking scenery of Banff National Park. Besides having hosted one of the most successful Winter Olympics in 1988, The Economist has rated Calgary as fourth-most liveable city in the world. Calgary is a destination like no other: a mix of dynamic big-city energy, cheerful western hospitality and wondrous natural beauty. An urban centre surrounded on all sides by scenic Canadian vistas, Calgary’s diversity as a travel destination is its greatest strength. Wine, dine and take in the ballet, or rough it at a guest ranch in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Read more here.



Ken Singer

UC Berkeley
A fantastic program for people who are exploring the possibility of starting their own company. The program mimics the exact process that an actual entrepreneur would go through. You learn really quickly what you are really good at and what are the things you need to work on. You cant read it in a book. Experiential learning allows you to make these decisions on your own so you start realizing it is not that easy.

Bemi Adeosun

Dublin Institute of Technology
After this program I received several job offers from companies in Silicon Valley and Germany. So I’ve definitely come back home a lot more determined and driven as well as focus and clear minded on what I want to achieve in my career — but most of all I can say I met a lot of amazing people who I’m sure I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life.

Martin Omander

Magic happens when you put a diverse group into a room together to work on a common idea. The students are doing the same as accelerators try to do in 3-6 months and I am amazed of how much comes out and how many projects are actually working after such a short time. Impressive!

Ravi Belani

Alchemist Accelerator
It is distinctive on a couple of dimensions: first - it is truly experiential. The best way to learn entrepreneurship is to get out of the classroom and jump into an immersive experience. And secondly, the cultural experience during these weeks is also incredible. You are working with cross-cultural teams from different backgrounds that bring a diverse set of experiences - it can be really important from the business perspective, but more importantly, it's just a lot of fun!

Jesse Leimgruber

This program mixes elements like building a product, getting mentorship and hands-on advice that I have never seen done before. Hackathons end with landing pages, accelerators meet once a week and they can lose focus, but here everything is packed from idea to customer acquisition into a 2-3 week intensive program and there are mentors walking you and guiding you through to ensure that you get it done in a right way, with industry-standard tactics and really get your product off the ground.

Rick Rasmussen

UC Berkeley
The program provides an entrepreneurship school in a setting that doesnt depend on the lectures and text books. We build companies here and learn by doing. Everybody rolls up their sleeves and builds companies from scratch.

Luke Kim

UC Berkeley
To me this program represents a community of entrepreneurs that span across the globe. Entrepreneurs, investors, university partners, corporate partners - the full spectrum of what it takes to really push forward the ecosystem of the global startup community.

NAIA Playbook

The Program Playbook guides participants daily as they follow our innovative steps to startup creation.

GROWBY - the official chatbot

A first-of-its-kind AI Chatbot, Growby helps launch startups by assisting and mentoring teams before, during, and after the program.

CUSTOMER Validation

Startups in our program validate their ideas quickly to avoid wasting time on a product nobody wants. Teams meet their potential customers right on the city streets of Calgary to see if their ideas will hold-up.


Startups present their ideas and solutions to all other participants, mentors and visitors at our public Startup Exposition. Teams will need to pitch their product while responding to questions to gain feedback from industry professionals and fellow peers.


Please explore scholarships/grants-in-aid available through your post-secondary institutions.

Early Registration

/ per participant includes:
Intensive training (8-10h per day)
Daily mentoring sessions by Silicon Valley and other global experts
Access to the pool of mentors, speakers, VCs
Opening and closing events
Until 31 October 2019


/ per participant includes:
Intensive training (8-10h per day)
Daily mentoring sessions by Silicon Valley and other global experts
Access to the pool of mentors, speakers, VCs
Opening and closing events
Until 31 May 2020

Late Registration

/ per participant includes:
Intensive training (8-10h per day)
Daily mentoring sessions by Silicon Valley and other global experts
Access to the pool of mentors, speakers, VCs
Opening and closing events
Until 30 June 2020

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