Welcome to Calgary! 

The sunniest city in Canada (333 days of sunshine a year) will be home to the very first edition of the North American Innovation Academy. We are excited to announce the launching of this program in partnership with the University of Calgary. NAIA 2020 will be hosted by the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking – a generous endowment from the Hunter Family Foundation, to the University of Calgary.

Why join us in Calgary?

Calgary is a young, energetic, diverse city full of shareable experiences with community spirit at its core. Located next to the breathtaking scenery of Banff National Park, it’s a destination like no other. The perfect mix with the best of a big city: Cheerful western hospitality and wondrous natural beauty.

North American Innovation Academy: Why join us in calgary

NAIA 2019 will be hosted by Hunter Hub, an interdisciplinary nucleus for activities in support of entrepreneurial student experiences. Hunter Hub enables faculty to lead in innovation and expand a growing community of entrepreneurial thinkers. This organization is part of the University of Calgary where people, talents, and ideas collide.

Calgary will gather up to 200 participants, students, and young professionals from 50 different nations. Discover some of our mentors and speakers, who will inspire through their powerful keynotes:

The 10-day summer program

NAIA’s accelerated mode of learning enables participants to turn their ideas into startups in only 10 days. In 2020, from July 15th-28th, they will take these inspired startups from ideation to the pitch stage.

North American Innovation Academy provides young entrepreneurs with the right tools, the entrepreneurial mindset, and global ambition.

If you’re interested in joining us in stunning Calgary, Canada, check out the following links, and get started on your application process today!

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