European Innovation Academy has a mission to educate thousands of entrepreneurs. We are searching for talented interns, to help EIA’s robot, business advisor – Growby to grow while learning a lot about startups, robots, innovative business models, and Chatbots 🤖.  


Open Internships positions: 

🕵🏽 Researchers

💻 Developers

😎 Business hustlers

💰 Marketers


You would be a perfect Trainee if you are:

  • Ready to work in a fast-paced and results-oriented startup environment
  • Good communicator and own great analytical skills, spiced with a skill of improvisation
  • Able to work independently (can take ownership of a project)
  • Motivated and eager to learn new things
  • Fluent in English


If you join us, you will have:

  • Opportunity to work in an international start-up environment
  • A chance to develop and refine current skill set
  • Supportive working environment
  • Opportunity to meet our cool robots
  • Contacts for life
  • Best colleagues you could ever wish for! By the way, we love spicy humor and positivity boosts our energy! You are very welcome!
  • Opportunity to get an employer reference letter, after a successful internship


In order to apply, please send your CV with a motivation letter with a subject line